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  1. Nilly

    Texas' 6-Week Abortion Ban Takes Effect

    How did you get yours? The liver stork?
  2. Nilly

    Texas' 6-Week Abortion Ban Takes Effect

    Is your liver a species?
  3. Nilly

    Pro-Trump protesters storm US Capitol as lawmakers gather to count electoral votes

    Btw, the woman who got shot (in the capitol building) apparently died.
  4. Nilly

    Is Trump lying about testing positive for Covid-19?

    I don't think spending 6 months calling COVID a hoax and then getting it is a sound strategy, cotton.
  5. Nilly

    Joe Biden DOESN'T Support ...

    Sorry I read the first 3 lines and thought you were writing a haiku
  6. Nilly

    Joe Biden DOESN'T Support ...

    Is this supposed to rhyme? Do the first letters of each line spell out a hidden message?
  7. Nilly

    Trump Second Term Agenda

    No wall?
  8. Nilly

    Are you voting ABT (anybody but trump) or do you favor Biden's policies(?)

    Well if Biden had Trump's policies, I wouldn't vote for him either. I also wouldn't vote for a different republican with Trumps policies. So I went with policy, as it's more important to me. My actual feeling is far more nuanced than any of your poll options.
  9. Nilly

    Harris is the VP pick for Biden

    Yeah, like Pence was picked for anything besides spreading his cheeks for the clergy :lol:.
  10. Nilly

    Harris is the VP pick for Biden

    Good choice. Excited to vote for them this November :)
  11. Nilly

    President Trump and his daughter promote Goya foods in possible ethics violation

    Wait, are you talking about Jetboogieman or Trump?
  12. Nilly

    Your term for sweetened, nonalcoholic carbonated beverages

    As a kid in England we'd say fizzy drinks. Now living in the US I say soda.
  13. Nilly

    Should racist/hateful people be targeted and have their lives destroyed by the public?

    The fewer racists in positions of influence and power (which can be the case at non-political jobs too) the better. If they're being racist enough in public for people to actively target them, then what's stopping them from exerting their bigoted influence at the office? Shame has long been...
  14. Nilly

    Yale University Name Change?

    Elihu Yale - Wikipedia :lol:
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