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Why won't you provide proof you served in the U.S. military? You might be taken more seriously if you did. I can tell by some of the things you post that you never served in the Navy for example.

And I wouldn't bother bringing it up if you didn't show such derision toward me just because I never served in the military.

But I can read. And I do know plenty of people who did serve.
@HikerGuy83 - what gives with your screen name?

1981, I thru-hiked 2100+ miles successfully on the Appalachian Trail; trail name “Trippy Trekker”.

Sometimes sustained exchanges in Smack occur with someone on the same side of the aisle. Reference my “Trumper List” in the Basement. Staff shut it down.

Feel some Trippy T. Love!
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Thanks for the note.

I enjoy hiking.

I certainly don't do as much as I'd like.

I generally hike in the Phoenix and Sedona area. I have also done hiking in various parts of CO.

Never done a 14-teener. That is on my list to get started soon (would like to do most of them (not the killers).

I hope this is what you are looking for.

All the best.
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