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Finished chemo and radiation (1 Viewer)

Finished about a month ago. Six chemo treatments. 21 days rest. Then finished with a final six. Not so bad except for hair loss. Oh, well. Hopefully I'll have time to grow it back.

Six weeks of radiation. Although the radiologist foresaw many uncomfortable side effects with swallowing, I had none thanks to his expert plan of treatment.

I'm blessed.

I decided not to have the surgery. I don't regret it. I feel great. And even with the chemo and radiation, I've had a blast. Dinners and lunches with friends and family...getting all my affairs in order...nothing really slowed me down at all.

Six months after diagnosis and still no symptoms.

Blessed indeed.
Glad to hear you are doing better!
Hope things continue well for you. Keep getting better!
Wonderful news, all things considered, and so glad to hear from you and to hear that things are progressing on the positive side. Especially glad to see that you've taken the opportunity to circulate rather than isolate. As I've said before, I believe the mind is an extremely powerful tool in fighting illness and your positive outlook and attitude/spirit will go a long way to winning the battle.

Thanks for the update and God bless - John
All of the best thoughts are with you young lady. You are one tough cookie.
You're the best, Mags.
All the best Maggie! Here's a toast to you!
It's so nice to hear you're doing okay, Maggie. Bless you. :)
Great news Maggie! Stay positive and never look back.
I admire your strength, composure, and dignity.

You're a special lady!

As someone who doubts they could do as well as you've done, with humble humility I wish you the best.
Finally ventured into the blog section and saw this.

Great news!

My wife is a cancer survivor also.

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