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X Factor
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  • Happy New Year, X Factor! Join us back here soon!

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    Stranded fox rescued from iceberg by fishermen who fed him Vienna sausages | CBC News
    Happy New Year to you, Xy! :rock:cheers: Hope your 2017 is awesomeness!
    Don't pretend that both our team didn't get thrashed. I can't remember a time where I was that embarrassed by such a piss-poor performance.

    Oh, wait. Come to think of it... the week before was just as pathetic.

    Anyway, I'd be more than happy to share a paper bag with you. :)
    Oh, don't I? LOL Chargers fans are only too used to that kind of game. ;)
    I know your boys lost today. Im here for you if you need a hug and shoulder to cry on. :2razz:
    Congrats to you Cowboys! :) Green Bay next, yes?

    I had every intention of congratulating you last night, but got distracted. My bad.
    Hope you had a good new year and I hope you ready for the Seahawks to win another SB.
    LOL! That's a good description. :) There is an amazing energy football stadiums.
    Ha! I didn't even notice. :)

    I'm glad life is good for you! That's terrific to hear, Xy! Going to a NFL game is always a fun event. It must be crazy fun to see the Cowboys.

    Have fun at the party and don't do too much damage to yourself. ;)
    I felt the same when the Chargers were doing awesome earlier this year, but I'll be hiding from the Charger "lowlights" this week. Good for you though! Enjoy it and the happy dance! :)
    You are welcome! I know the pain of a team that regularly snatches defeat from the jaws of victory. There is nothing the relaxation that come with an ending like that. :)
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