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  • I haven't done extensive testing, I always went with the stuff my FBI shooting buddies gave me, the Federal Hydrashock. I used to get the stuff that had passed the "carry life" and (of course it was good for years more) and shot it a lot. On stuff like bowling pins. The recoil was moderate, the accuracy was a good and it was utterly reliable. I don't carry a 45 nor do I have one set up for home defense anymore but I used to have a SW 4505 when my son was little since it had a magazine disconnect on it and I'd keep the magazine in my pocket and even if he managed to get hold of the gun it was unable to fire without a magazine. Remington Golden Sabers and the Hornady Critical defense line of ammo are others that are highly recommended. My wife has 380 GS in her SIG 238 and I have them in my 9mm SIG 938. In the 40 I keep in my car I have 135 Winchester Border Patrol rounds mainly because the 135 allows the fastest follow up shots
    did that-the dealer filled out the paperwork as one clerk was doing the BGC. they gave me a second receipt to attach to the paperwork. I actually filed it on line but having the form filled out with serial number, dealer's address etc saved me a bunch of time. Lots of places are having deals. I just bought 1000 rounds of 62 grain Federal 556 for 300 bucks and the shipping was free
    I was at a friend's upscale gun shop for their anniversary (they bought a business, and moved it from a hole in the wall to a really nice place) and they had the Springfield Rep there. The rep had one of the hard to get Operator (gray finish, adjustable night sights). I was planning on buying another Les Baer but I went with that one instead-it was much cheaper than a LB and it seemed really well made
    I own several 686 revolvers-all are 4" or 6" with non ported barrels. I think its the best all-around revolver on the market and unlike the N frames, you can get a great action job on them-as well as you can on the K frame
    I will keep my eyes open for one. I am pretty much to the point I am not adding anything to my extensive collection unless its something that will give me an edge in competition. but thanks
    bwhahahaha.... cotton would be more traditional, and more supportive of SC farmers. :D
    Nah, there's no benefit to leaving the commonwealth. We get preferential trade and **** like that. In Australia, the amount of vegemite you have on your toast is directly correlated to how manly you are. So you should probably use as much as you think you are manly.
    I will have to think about that. Locke and other such thinkers are sort of the start of the movement.
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