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  • Merry Christmas!

    Every time I visit here, a quick scan of new posts confirms my decision not to be a daily DP regular. Got to keep my stress down...
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    Been there, done that. 100% understand. Modding is like a temporary passport to hell you had no idea you owned until one day you realize just how burned out you really are.
    Btw - love the Nathan Fillion avatar - his Rick Castle character and the rest of the cast and writers are pure genius.

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    Stay in the loft.

    It seems all boards are this way.

    They are a community of sorts and the kind of reasoned discussion you'd hope for just isn't there.
    Cuz I forgot my previous username. If you can figure it can you PM me pls?

    And I tend to use bogus email addresses and the links only resetting the password

    So thanks X
    Hey, this is my new account
    Sorry X
    And based on the response I just got for daring to actually try to be objective and even attempt to think from the other side, I just have to say this...

    ....thank you for being one of the few people in the gun control debates that actually has a clear and definitive stance, and yet at the same time is pretty well reasoned and typically deals with what people actually say instead of stereotypes. And who will actually honestly take opposing thoughts that are honestly laid out into consideration even if you ultimately disagree.

    That forum could use more of that on both sides.
    Wanted to thank you for your post in the disabled thread. A like just didn't seem enough. My mother's one of those types that doesn't have an outwardly obvious handicap, but does have one that is rather crippling at times. Appreciate the reasonable argument you put forth.
    Doing good in fact. Life was pretty hectic for a while (hence my prolonged absence from here and most of my other online hangouts) but things are mostly back to the normal with one happy exception. We just found out my wife is expecting our first child!
    You are truly blessed to have such a son. It shows you parented well and gave him what he needed. This makes a statement about you. I am happy to call you friend. I hope you are over the illness. Hugzzzz It was a very meaningful post you made I thank you again.
    You are so welcome! :) I always hope for a white Christmas, but it's Oregon, so...LOL. :)
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