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  • Was a busy day, but I FINALLY got over here. Have been working on my new computer, and a very old one (18 years.) Working over at rental, and made dinner for my wife before going to a meeting.
    Hi EdwinWillers,

    I'd like to request to be added to your friend-list too but I'm still trying to learn the tech here. I'm still looking for the button....thank you for the friend request.
    You are right. I really like it at CF, but I am way too sarcastic to avoid mod scrutiny. Its a shame, but oh well. You will like it here. It takes a little getting used to, but you'll fit right in.
    Yes, its me. And I have been here for about a year and a half. Came over when I got a month long suspension at CF, and have been here ever since. The nice part is I can say pretty much whatever I want--within reason--and not get warnings. In fact, I haven't gotten one yet and I say things I wouldn't dream of saying there. There are some really good posters here. And some real bad ones. Wont take you long to figure out who is who. :lol:
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