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  • WOW, congrats!! That is totally awesome! I have long been of the opinion that being a father is one of THE best things in the world, I hope you love it as much as I have. :)
    Very exciting! Congrats, and hope everything goes smoothly, just make sure to always say yes to midnight fast food runs, will make your life easier :lol:
    Wow! A lot of stuff, glad you're doing well now. Everyone on the mod team will be happy to know you're doing okay. We we're all worried. Though I'm sure you won't be around much once that baby comes out and says hi :lol:
    Its great to see you around a bit more recently posting. You're always a wonderful contributor to the site.
    See, this is why when I ask a question with a poll like this I often don't have to put my own thought down real quick. There's generally a good chance you'll show up and somehow extract the exact thing I'm thinking out of my brain and type it out for me instead.
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