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  • Missing you! Missing Winston (Wow! Gone almost 3 mos.). Belatedly, Happy 22nd Birthday!🎂
    Stay on task (another Wow! Graduating Class of 2021); take Life in stride. As a dad with 3 surviving daughters, you know I Love ya! Most importantly, do your best to stay happy, healthy and outlive your parents.
    Sounds good, Gov. I love you :kissy: Thank you for being such a great friend to me. Talk to you soon.
    I enjoyed some of the people here immensely. Discussing the Trump era was at times hilarious and at times frighteningly tragic.
    okay, wrastlin' champ #1. I am about to take a shower and clean up around the house. and log off DP forever
    I totally agree, you've been a huge light in my life too. The amount of times you've made me smile unexpectedly are incalculable. It's going to be really weird not logging on here anymore to talk to you. But, it's for the best. I just feel like I need to cut out some online websites in order to stay focused on my music.
    you should write down the best things you love about this summer while it's fresh and keep it with you for when you go back to school.
    That's what's up! I am glad you have some good stuff in store today. Almost August now! crazy!!!
    sounds great, i am prolly about to start breakfast for the day too. i have to work at 3pm. I love you! and hope you have the best day possible.
    thank you, yeah, it all worked out. i am a FREE man. no more ****ing things up. my 30's are going to be the best years of my life.
    that's good, i am glad your routine is still intact :). i know it makes you happy. and your classes this year are going to be a chore.
    I think those small videos are the key to getting more exposure. Cause no one clicks soundcloud links and listens to full tunes, unless you bully and berate them into doing it :lamo
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