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  • I'm doing well, off for summer break, so that's been fun. How are you?

    And sorry about the late reply, didn't see this right away.
    I'm good. And same here. I wish I had more to say for myself. :lol:

    Good to see ya back. ;)
    Thank you. I was actually thinking of my son when I wrote that... After more than 15 years of the single-parent thing, I've decided I must have done something right, because when I was sick recently my son took care of me with selfless and tender devotion one rarely expects to see out of a 17yo boy. :)
    Same here Katie, you appear to be a great person and you educated me on the subject quite well. Thanks for that. I have 31 quotes and I am sure nearly all of them are that thread. It really took off but it is a sensitive subject, I have a new prospective. Thanks for your help with that.
    Wow, Katie!!!! Your site here rocks!!! Thank you for your nice message re my post. I learn a lot from you....glad you're on the site more again.
    Nice having a day off
    A musical weekend works for me
    Sounds like fun does your wife go with you?
    Glad to hear it Katie! Today is a quiet day and tomorrow and Sunday there are a bunch of bands I've worked with that are playing out and I've promised to come see them. So it will be a busy but very musical weekend!
    Hey Katie, just in time for me to wish you a good night. I hope you have a good day tomorrow (today) too! Hugzzz!
    Some on here need a little kink put on them! And you are just the woman for the job little sister! :cool:

    Yes, business is getting better which makes the household much happier!
    Hi Katie, Just been busy. But had a client that was a no-show this evening, so I decided to get on here. Haven't been on in a while, its taking me a while to catch up. I'm very happy you are having an up day!!!!!! :)
    That's actually one of the good things about having a board population that's a bit on the older side IMO. People tend to be more "mature" and reasonable when it comes to adult subjects. I might try the quiz again to see how my percentages change. Thanks for the tip!
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