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  • Hey, StillBallin! :thumbs: I'm doing pretty good, dude. I'm on vacation right now. How is it all going with you? I hope you're keeping yourself safe!
    Happy Thanksgiving!

    Hey, StillBallin'! It's good to hear from you. Sorry that your birthday was crap. :( It's been good over here! This semester is almost over, so I'm preparing for finals and summer. I can't wait to finally be free for a few months. :) I'm gonna have so much fun with my friends and my girlfriend. :thumbs:
    I miss you too and hope you and yours are well and good and life is awesome doing what you wanted to do so very much. All is well with me and mine, thank you! :) Hope to catch up with you when you stop in next. :)
    That's cool! Good that you got to hang out with friends on your break. I'm sorry your dad is going through that. That certainly sucks to hear. :( I'm sure all of that is exhausting. I wish you well, and hope for the best in your endeavors! :)
    Hey, StillBallin'! I've been great! Been having a wonderful time back here at college. School's been going great; my grades are on the up. How've you been, buddy? :)
    Nope, majoring in political science. But I have to take a language, so this is what I took. It was awesome. Donald Glover has so much energy on stage it's crazy. And he's pretty much got this aura about him with his music, that makes you wanna dance. I'm glad I got to see him. Especially since this is apparently his last tour.
    That does sound difficult. Hope you get through the rest of it okay. I've been good. This weekend was great since I went back home, and my girlfriend flew back for the weekend as well to hang out with me, and so we could go to Childish Gambino's concert together. My test was over Spanish. It was a verbal exam, and I couldn't speak anything else besides Spanish, so that was pretty hard for me. That's why I was up all Thursday night crying and losing my damn mind, because I was still having trouble. But I got an 88 on the test, so the studying was worth it. I just wish it wasn't so stressful, but I guess it's worth it in the end.

    Anyway how have you been? How'd you do on your test and what is it that you're studying?
    Hey, it has been awhile! How's it going man? I've been doing alright, thanks for checking up on me. Although last night I was practically losing my damn mind studying for a test I've got today. I think I'll pass. It's good that you're gonna be around more often; I like your posts! How've you been?
    Trudging along through University. I am at the moment procrastinating; in other words, nothing out of the ordinary.
    They did? I missed it! OMG! I'll have to go find it. I'm glad you told me. :) Thanks!
    The Wizards look to be heading in the right direction... finally ;-) Porter is a Tayshaun Prince clone, although i am not sure he is physically mature enough yet to make an impact this year. Oladipo reminds me of Dwayne Wade, so Orlando got (IMO) the best player in the draft. It will be interesting to see who ends up signing undrafted FA DJ Stephens, as he has the highest maximum vertical reach ever recorded (notched Shaq's 12'5" previous record by 1/2".

    Hopefully Houston has an endless supply of tampons when Dwight signs with them!
    I'm on my vacation, so that means i get to travel with the fiance while she's on assignment. In the middle of nowhere i might add.

    What did you think of the draft? I was hoping the Bulls could swing a deal that landed them Oladipo :-( Snell is acceptable given their draft position. What do you think about the hometown selection?
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