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  • Fields be struggling bruh

    He looked promising this year but you guys kinda had a yikes season. Our game against you guys on Thursday night was so miserable that winning didn't even feel like winning lol.
    It's the best season Bears fans could have hoped for. Fields looked like a franchise QB, while the FO sold off assets and obtained considerable draft capital.
    I loved the Porter pick. I basically yelled Hallelujah when the Cavs took Bennett number 1, because the talk in Washington was that the front office was split half and half between Porter and Bennett and I'm really not a fan of Bennett. Oladipo is an intriguing player to me because he improved so much from one year to the next you wonder if it's a fluke. I'm surprised Noel dropped so much but personally I think he was a bit overrated and overhyped. I don't think you can be an impactful big in the NBA when you have the weight of a guard.

    We also took Glen Rice Jr. in the 2nd round so I'm anxious to see what he can do. His daddy was lights out.
    Not bad brother. Been working my butt off at the store and still taking classes so I'm exhausted. Yourself?
    How about yourself? I've noticed the economics forum has declined in quality quite a bit.. the number of posters I actually read on this board get fewer and fewer every time I check it. I'm sure RL is treating you nicely if you're still working in the markets. What's your personal outlook?
    Hey man, been doing great just been super busy recently so I haven't been able to post much. The rally is great! I gotta say, business is much better when things are going up.. and being bullish leaves a better taste in everyone's mouth. My economic perspective is pretty radically different than when I was posting last year -- I have much more faith in the strength of the recovery, believe markets have muddled through the worst, and think the unemployment crisis demands more attention than the fictional "debt crisis". Right now, I agree with most economists that we should have a slow start to the year but will pick up steam in the second half of the year. It's still a tricky time to invest - is it 1986 or 1995? Personally, I'll be waiting for a technical correction before dipping my toe back in and I think the yen trade is still one of the best opportunities out there.
    Thankyou for restoring sanity and pointing out the obvious in the Peter Schiff thread.
    That's definitely true. Sustaining expectations were a primary reason for leaving the easing open-ended. Did you get a chance to read the Woodford paper? He proposed that the expectations channel is more effective than the actual market operations. Most people are saying that paper was the primary factor in Bernanke's decision. Do you support NGDP targeting? What do you see as the drawbacks?
    Both quantitative and open-ended easing affects inflation expectations. One of the main purposes of quantitative easing is to reduce the real interest rate once the nominal rate is zero. I don't understand why a poster of your stature would believe otherwise.

    Graph: 10-Year Treasury Constant Maturity Rate (DGS10)-10-Year Treasury Inflation-Indexed Security, Constant Maturity (DFII10) - FRED - St. Louis Fed
    Best Chart: Fed Purchases Boost Inflation - Businessweek
    LSAP's effects on 10Y yields and inflation, before OT was even announced: FRBSF Economic Letter: Estimating the Macroeconomic Effects of the Fed's Asset Purchases (2011-03, 1/31/2011)
    Just found this old piece from Goldman. They advised shorting the 10Ys on Jan-23 through the March futures. Maybe that big money was one of their big clients. Goldman Tells Clients To Short US 10 Year Treasurys | ZeroHedge
    Raise rates? No way. Even Goldman predicts that sterilized QE3 is still inevitable. Whatever it is they knew, I'd like to know. IIRC, the large sell-off in treasuries last week came out of the blue on no news.
    **** man, I was going to ask if he left the position open until the sell-off last week. What a beautiful trade
    Didn't watch the game, but I saw that John Lucas lit up the Heat last night and the Bulls won without D-Rose. You must be very proud
    Granted the decline in 30-year treasury futures came from the peak on Tuesday. They were relatively unchanged on the day unless he covered at the lows.
    Really enjoyed our small debate last week. I would like to continue it as I posted a pretty long reply to your last question but it got buried in the spam that now makes up that thread. I look forward to future discussion on economics and fiscal policy
    Hey bud, I just gotta say you're one of the most knowledgeable and intelligent econ posters around here, so keep it up man I really enjoy and value your insight.

    Were you an econ major or something like that?
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