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    Obviously you have nothing against my arguments!

    Do not forget that this Forum is a Leftist one, almost all true Conservatives are either banned or pushed away. Therefore the mind of local libs and communists about me interest me a s...!
    They are appreciated down here, by me, and many others. This ****ty ownership has destroyed this team, and turned it's back on the fanbase. We had one of the first year attendance numbers ever in the NHL, and attendance was great for a new hockey market up until the now owners took over ruined the team, and the market. There are plenty of hockey fans here, and we can support an NHL team, given a decent chance, which we never had. Do you really expect a team that doesn't have a winning history to build up a fanbase? If the team moves, it is not our fault, but the ****ty owners and the league abandoning us. And if you any more smart comments post them in the NHL thread, don't litter up my profile with your drivel.
    I do not like communists on my page, you are not welcome by me, please never post again. Thanks.
    But we must look at the past so we don't repeat in the future. How have they implemented improperly? How would you implemented so that communism would flourish?
    Just out of curiosity why do you believe Communism is the way to go given it's track record?
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