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  • Okay, thanks. The other poster dropped off the radar suddenly, and some of us were worried something had happened to him. I was hoping you were him. Thanks for the welcome. :)
    Are you Canadianeye? Just curious. Your views are very similar to another Canadian poster I once knew.
    I stupidly tossed Midnight Aria, not thinking that the track was unusually biased that day. Do you find the Poly hard to handicap?
    Ha! Well at least we'd make good handicap buddies. One of these days we'll have to be degenerates together at Woodbine. ;-)
    :) I take pleasure in making someone else blush, especially if they are not prone to it. It means you took my compliment as I meant it. :) I was going to say too, back at you regarding kind hearts. You certainly are possessed of one. And good knowledge of dogs as well.

    You are welcome CJ. :) All we can do is our best re: the future.
    :) LOL...I couldn't take credit. :) You're good guy and I have enjoyed posting with you since you've joined DP. :)
    Yes, I am having fun, thank you. :) There is a lot wisdom to acquire and I'm working hard at it.
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