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  • Happy New Year, Redress!

    I came in at the Bryan vs Miz match, so missed AJ/Joe which annoys me.

    The main event....jesus -.- So stupid. So bad that they even had a tiny anti-Foley chant for a moment. THAT'S how much they are ****ing up.

    Cole is just impossible to listen to when THE BIG DOG is involved in any way.
    So how about that Bella Suicide Dive........

    LOL, still watching. I guess I should say the TWO Bella Suicide Dives...
    Also, my favorite response to news coming out that they're going to move away from trying to make Becky a Heel in her Charlotte feud, and instead allow them to both have good points and run Becky as sort of an anti-hero / tweener type because of the fan response:

    "WWE declares that there are very fine people on both sides of this rivalry"
    Why do I have a feeling after Raw, that in their stupid misguided attempt to shove Roman down our throat, they're going to PURPOSEFULLY **** up one of their most organically over guys on the roster? **** it up BEFORE ever actually pulling the trigger on what was, at one point, THE hottest act they had going? All in a bad attempt to get Roman over which will likely fail and simply result in no real benefit for him and damage to the mystique that is Braun.

    So annoyed with how they've handled EVERYTHING since Summerslam
    Ohhhh that’s amazing. Wendy’s Twitter is one of the only saving graces for that abomination of communication
    Takeover was phenomenal as always. The Asai Moonsault into Superkick spot was gorgeous. Gargano versus the Bald **** was entertaining as always.

    Joe vs AJ and Bryan vs Miz were both good and enjoyable and I didn't mind the ending to either.

    The Main Event INFURIATED me. Was about to head off as well until we hear BRAAAAAAAUN and he comes out and announces he's going to cash in on whoever wins. So I'm like "Cool, they realize they shouldn't end their second biggest show with the fans booing the **** out of their title holder." But nope, it was all just a ploy to make people like me actually watch their ****ty booking, as Braun gets taken out followed by Reigns winning with his running hug, and me just going to bed annoyed.
    Oh jesus. From the same reddit thread....

    "Die Woman Die........wait, ****"

    "Things Chris Benoit said?"
    That's crazy talk. Everyone knows it's hair, height, and build that shows you to be brothers; just look at Kane and Taker.
    Bless you Reddit...

    "WWE Evolution to be headlined by newly debuting female wrestler Woman Weigns."
    Thoughtful insightful posts from you and others, even some disagreeing such as fiddy...

    Then we get duece's...
    That's great!

    And it's still surreal to me to see Samoa Joe wrestling Brian Danielson for a chance to face AJ Styles for the WWE Championship
    Cass and Bryan was surprisingly entertaining. The Women's MITB was well done. Ellsworth. AJ vs Shinsuke was WONDERFUL. Rousey/Jax was better than it had any rights to be, and Bliss cashing in was great. Men's money in the bank can be summed up best by this...


    Such a great show. The opening tag team match was incredibly fun.

    Cross and Shayna was good, and Cross is just wonderful.

    I will never get enough of our One and Only King, and the Dream does a wonderful job making his opponent look good while making himself look good too. I'm worried about a call up for him though, I don't know how well he translates to the bigger main roster.

    God bless the crowd for actually booing and cursing a heel instead of being too cool for school and cheering for them. Helps that Ciampa is ****ing aces at this role right now. I'm actually not a huge Gargano fan, he's always been just kind of "eh, he's fine" to me, but Ciampa has been superb. Was a great street fight.

    Off to watch Money in the bank now.
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