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Fantasy Football 2013-14

RedAkston is running the league this season. I'll PM him to let him know about this thread.
Bump...getting close to regular season so we should set a date
We can't let the Brit win this year, that's just the simple fact of it
We can't let the Brit win this year, that's just the simple fact of it

The year before last I won the league. And I didn't even log after half way through the season, lol. I would think that's much more shameful than letting a Brit win.
I'm in as well. somebody needs to continue to beat Tucker by half a point.
I disagree that I need to be beaten at all, but I had to like it because you made me laugh, you filthy bastard packer fan.

I just remember watching that game going "If Marshawn Lynch can score a TD from right here, I can beat Tucker...." It was like the Joe Montana to Dwight Clark of fantasy football moments...
Last season was a bitch. It was a lot easier when the majority of you weren't paying attention to your teams. Despite my dismal showing, I'm in.
we havea date in mind? Due to the time difference I will have to set an alarm to make the draft but that's fine with me. Might give you all a better chance this year as I might be a little sleepy ;)
I'm down if you've got room.
clicked the link and im confused do I have 2 teams? If so the team name Chris's team needs to be dumped
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