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  • I think you need to redo the math that should Be Seattle is your number 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 teams :mrgreen:
    Being for a quite a while. I'm out of the Corps now and a full time college student right now.
    Still a victory man, have fun and party out while you are still living the student life, sounds like you earned it. Get wicked wasted and enjoy the semester break.
    HAHA. That's awesome, to be honest in my younger years we had some Sox fans as favorite bartenders, needless to say I took some crap but it's always in good fun. Everything is wrapped up? If it's about going for the Bar then congrats! If it's semester survival also congrats.
    Oh, I'm doing alright. Just working, working and more working. Getting weird looks from my kids (now teenagers... ARGH!). Eating and sleeping and once again posting here. Missed you and a bunch of folks I used to interact with. I'm glad to be back. Hope law school is going well for you! :)
    Sorry, I think you're wrong, if for no other reason than that I think I've already sacrificed my fantasy team to the football gods.
    It wasn't the prettiest win, but I'll take it any day and twice on Sunday, or Monday ;), since it was the dreaded Raiders and in the Black Hole. :D

    I have a friend who's a Raider fan. It's always delightful to beat them. :D Now if Rivers can settle those Happy Feet. :p

    I assume your Pats did the job on Sunday.
    Germany I really liked their young side last world cup and they know how to win, im actually leaving next Saturday for the Ukraine. Got tickets to the England group games with about 10 other friends staying for 2 weeks.
    Thank you SB. :)

    It's so sad. He was the Chargers for so many years. I hope you Patriots fans got to not just see but to feel that intensity and drive. How dynamic a person he was. Charger hearts are broken. I just saw his mom on the news. My heart breaks for her and her grandchildren.
    I'm not even an Eli Manning fan. Just tweaking you for fun. I'm Atlanta and Arizona fan. Also a bit of a Denver fan due to my wife and that I'm living closer to there than I am any other professional sports-team town.
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