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  • If you've decided not to hate me anymore, perhaps we should be friends? Frankly, we agree on much more than we disagree on! :lol:
    Did you enjoy the Broncos/Patriots game? I watched it on TV and I think it was one of the best I've seen all season.
    merry chri,stmas higginssss
    * Those people were probably forced to hold the Candles and be there*. But yes Cuba is a very unique situation. They do have a semi oppressive government but there is a lot of democracy there, its a very interesting one party state, with very interesting leader that is viewed in a positive manner across Latin America.
    Ohhh the humanity! Your lucky you didnt get arrested and tortured in one of those terrible dungeons they keep just for special westeners!
    Anyways did you visit any of these supposed hospitals beerftw has a hard on over?
    I would love to go! I know that you can go via Canada to Cuba but i dont know the legality of it and if they will let me in with a US passport. Been looking into legal ways to get around the stupid embargo. But yea ive always dreamed of going and seeing all the famous revolutionary cites, the famous landmarks, etc. Would be a dream come true! But wait your telling me you did whatever you want without those bastard tourist police in Cuba! I thought it was just like the DPRK! :roll:
    Thanks man! Just not gonna fall for some unverifiable pictures as serious material in a factual debate.
    Anyways youve been to Cuba. Please share your experiences! Ive always wanted to visit, and im trying to find a way to visit once i graduate
    It's a winner! Angry Orchard Dry gives me hope. I like it. Who knew? Maybe, just maybe, it will help broaden America's tastes. Angry Orchard Dry tastes like British cider. I like it a lot. Thank you, thank you, Higgins. My next quest will be to find it on tap.
    Angry Orchard Dry Cider. I found it at BevMo, which is a wine, beer, liquor chain out of California. I stopped and got it on the way home about 30 minutes ago. It was $8.99. It was hot so I haven't tried it yet. It's in the refrigerator. I'll let you know. And I really appreciate the recommendation. I can't wait to try it.
    You know it just blows my mind in the sense that with the millions of people slaughtered in countries like Poland, Ukraine and Russia under Nazi rule, that there would be Neo Nazi's.

    But anyway, take care over there and I hope you enjoy watching England lose :mrgreen:
    Thanks for posting that video of the Euro 2012 Stadium violence horrendous as it was.

    I've seen many videos on football violence in Poland, so it didn't surprise me but you'd think that Ukrainian authorities would want to avoid bad publicity like this before the Euro's.
    I used to coach a college squash team. The guy who was the head coach ended up being a good friend of lendl. SO was a Guy on my college tennis team-he was from Peru and he and Lendl won the "Orange bowl" doubles as 15 year olds. Both said Lendl was a great guy. The squash guy went to a party Lendl held for his daughter samantha (the good golfer) and lendl played a violin concerto he had COMPOSED In her honor. The Peruvian played Lendl in the Davis cup in LIMA and lost 12-10 in the fifth. I said great effort and he laughed and said -Ivan would never embarrass me in front of 20,000 of my own countrymen in my capital city. He's a genius who plays chess at a master level. My college roommate was an IM in chess and knows this
    Well, in 2001 I was in the seventh grade, so I wasn't paying as much attention to football as I am now. However, I do have a huge amount of respect for Bledsoe.
    the 10/22 is pretty much the standard that other 22 semi autos are judged by. we have several, three custom rigs (two set up for an event called the chevy team challenge-heavy barrels, top of the line target scopes and heavy stocks, one has a thumbhole stock with a light barrel for the wife and my son has one with an M-16 stock to fit his smaller frame). The main thing is finding some ammo that works all the time-which for us is the BLAZER high speed. for hunting though I'd use hollow points-what are you hunting? I don't hunt much with a 22-but I use one for taking out woodchucks under the archery range I have on my property. winchester hollowpoints are what I use
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