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  • Merry Christmas!

    "Has anyone else noticed that this thread has gone on for seven pages and it was based off of a phoney notion that people were outraged by Romney's comments about Anglo-Saxon when the thread's OP author is a proud nazi as noted by his past posts, his "Nationalist Socialists" sig and his avatar sporting a nazi eagle with the swastika replaced with a hammer and sickle?"

    - I had to literally put my hand over my mouth to not laugh out loud and wake my wife up.
    Haha I know. I remember the people who are Giants, Jets, Yankee, Laker, Ranger, Habs, etc, fans. I just thought it was amusing to see you end a post with Eli Manning. Plus I have been drinking, so everything is funnier.
    I love your posts, especially the ones pertaining to

    1) cut
    2) paste
    3) get debunked
    4) spiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiinnnnnnnn
    5) make personal insult
    All good. Yeah, had one of those birdies tell me as well. Timing was perfect, I was getting ready to move on anyway.
    Heya, Rob! I'm "Di" from PCF/PP, if you weren't sure, lol. Great to see you. Gotta get Lumina now! ;)
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