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  • Sorry, I'm not ignoring your posts in the basement (well, actually I am - LOL), but not to be a jerk. I've just decided that I'm not posting in the basement anymore because of certain mods who don't know how to mind their own business. :mrgreen: No offense to you or any other posters of course, just thought it was best for ME to do that. Anyhow, if there was something that you wanted to ask me about, feel free to send me a visitor message or a PM about it. :)
    I know you will like this story. Tonight we were at a bar celebrating being done and our waitress was Yankee fan and giving me crap all night. She is actually a professional cheerleader and she put her name in my phonebook as the best yankee fan ever.
    sorrry .(( it must be hard ,l understand .l hope his grandfather is in heaven now
    It gives me great joy to know that the Sox might be helping take first place from the Yanks to Baltimore. Only positive from the season.
    I thought we were already friends, but I just noticed we're not. I must rectify this oversight! :lol:
    Hey Pinks! Klatto Verata Nicto is from "Army Of Darkness" it was supposed to be uttered when the hero Ash took possession of "the book of the dead" or "necronomicon". He goofs the words and unwittingly unleashes an army of evil creatures on the world, much hilarity ensues. It's kind of an in joke for fellow fans.
    Not stupid, but machinery of all sorts mystifies me. I think toast is miraculous.
    I've been fine. I tried Firefox and Chrome dumped all my saved passwords....and I'm too tech-retarded to use DP's auto-password changer. I needed help, and someone gave it. ♥

    Have you been well?

    O....and there's a poll somewhere about me......LOL.
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