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  • Doing good. Enjoying my job as a Rehab Director. I work for a great company whose philosophy mirrors my own in many ways. In my profession, its far too common for Rehab companies to focus on money and productivity first. The one I work for believes if they take care of the employee, the productivity and money will follow. It's doing the same work, but the philosophy makes the difference. How are you?
    Your "a gerbil making love to a cotton ball" line on the thread The Evolution of the Cynical "Old-timer" Poster at DP had be legit LOLing. You hit the nail on the head man.
    I hear you man. I was recently able to write this: The Coming Calamity, The Coming Resistance I The Hampton Institute
    Good to hear man. I am doing well, interning with an Assemblywoman and I have a job interview on Friday :)

    Things are looking up.
    Heh. You'd be handy to have around in all the damn Michael Sam..."Its cause he's gay he was drafted low!" / "Its cause he's gay that he was drafted!"...threads as well.

    Hope things are going well for you.

    Your guys early draft looked like it should help solidify that defense a bit. Decent free agency period too. Jared Allen has more in the tank than Peppers does at this point imho. I liked the Houston pickup too.
    Not to bad, can't complain. Been kind of luke warm on a lot of political stuff myself lately so haven't been posting nearly as much. Gearing up for the start of free agency.
    I had all but abandoned the "Ideal Parents" thread but I happened to peek in and see you posting...which sucked me into reading all 5 pages. I need more Tucker posting in my life ;)

    Hope things are going well bud.
    Eh busy...but not terribly so. I just don't post much anymore because I think know every argument. It's kind of like being married. Once you've been with someone for so long, you know what they are going to say before the words come out of their mouth. Just don't have it in me to debate anymore. Just check in from time to time to see what some of the old crew are up to.
    Women have labor pains for a few days at most, push the kid out and then hold it over our heads for the rest of our lives while said children beat our testicles to mush for years. Mine are nowhere near done destroying my sack yet.
    Hey, kick Charlotte W's team out. My mother in law was logged into Yahoo when I clicked the link for fantasy football. Unless everyone wants to lose to my mother in law.
    Nice try. There is nothing fatter than a female Packer fan. I've been good. Busy as hell, but in a good way. How's dad life treating you?
    Yeah by far the best candidate in the last election in my opinion. Really hope he runs again.
    See, it's horribly testy arguments like in the Pope thread that makes you my arch nemesis ;)
    I think where we were generally a ways off on is how much credit to give him the other year in Denver and whether or not he could be a "success" even if it's not a long term success. Then again, I may be remembering the NFL thread back then wrong and mixing you with someone else.
    Also Slinging Sammy being compared to Butt Fumble Sanchez is making my head want to explode. EXPLODE
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