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  • Howdy. I sent you a PM over at PE. Sorry, should have sent it here. Hope all going well your end. xx
    I am German.
    It says anybody with an interest is welcome. Lived in England for 12 years and qualified for British citizenship.
    Jeez, why do you bother? I've been reading a number of posts to which you have contributed and you're a great debater. I seriously doubt whether you are getting any satisfaction from the dreadful level of debate on this forum. I've only been here a few times and it depresses the hell out of me. I recommend Debate Europe forum. There are idiots there too but you can find at least a few with intelligent arguments to make. Anyway, I just thought I'd send you my greetings.
    Political orientation is not the sole criterium, note that GI Joe set a precedence here.
    Friendship would not preclude me from kicking your ass if you indulged in your trademark trollery here.
    Do you realize you have requested friendship with one of the most volatile right-winged nuts on this forum?:mrgreen:
    That's one of the best movies of all time... The opening scene of the people making their way down the mountain side is just breathtaking... Herzog + Kinski = win... If you haven't seen the new Bad Leuitenant movie Herzog did, it's worth checking out. Nicholas Cage is excellent in it, which makes up for a kind of strange plot and odd pacing.
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