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  • I almost forgot I sent you the message! I come here periodically to chat with some other internet pals. I was having trouble with logging in at PH and it lasted a few months so I joined a few other forums. Pros and cons with all of them and of course they are all addicting! I need more hours in the day!
    Hey Jack, I haven't seen you on PH lately. Someone said you couldn't log in. Amit claims it is fixed, but today I'm having trouble logging in, too! Bummer. Hope you come here - we miss you!
    Jackalope, are you the same from PH? It is me Bajisima (but here I go by pilot16). Anyway, have you been on at PH? I haven't been able to get back on since the upgrade on Monday the 16th. I have major withdrawal, lol! I know you were locked out awhile ago, what did you do to get back on? I don't know what else to do, but in the meantime I joined this forum so I am the newbie here! Hope to see you around the interweb!
    WoW! Looks like PH is having a server problem again - or am I the only one with it?
    It looks like I'm out of luck. Apple hasn't fixed it and I still can't get in. That happened to me with another forum, can't even remember the name of it, but they had a thread that had a poll, when I voted on the poll it threw me into an error, and after that I was never able to access it again. Genevieve (she's on PF) told me that the Forum eventually died out, I hope that doesn't happen to PH, that is if I'm not the only one that can't access it! Send me a private message from PH when you are there, I'll try the link that they send with it and give it one more chance! Oh, by the way, has anyone that is able to get in said anything about the problem that may have caused others to not be able to get in? Just wondering!
    I tried clearing cookies and your link and neither worked. I reported it to Apple, maybe they can fix it. But, I'm going to the movies so I'll have to try again when I get back. I had tried the Google cache and still wasn't able to get in either. Don't know what the problem could be, I've had that problem before and Apple fixed it, hope they do again. Thanks for your suggestions, though.
    I tried your link and it still didn't work for me. I'll try clearing cookies!
    I'll try it. The people on Facebook were Ed Evans, Barbara Fowler and Bill Wylie Moi - of course I don't know what their usernames on PH are.
    No, I couldn't either. I checked PH on Facebook and read where two other people were saying the same thing. I hope it isn't a permanent thing. Does MTM know Seraph's e-mail or how to get in touch with her to find out what's happening? Just wondering.
    It looks like they haven't fixed it. I guess we'll just have to wait and see, withdrawals and all! LOL!
    I know. I hope Seraph is aware of it and has someone working on it, there's a lot of disgruntled people right now! LOL!
    I'm glad to hear it isn't my computer. I had a similar problem before and was the only one that couldn't get in, but Apple must have fixed it for me. Thx.
    Hello Jack! Are you by any chance experiencing the same problem I am? I've been trying to get into PH and I keep getting a message saying "Safari can't find server" - I tried another browser, "Chrome" and got the same message, just wondering if it's my computer, but I'm able to get in here fine, and PF also! Just wondering. Hope you're having an okay 2012 so far! It's amusing to see the circus at the GOP caucus and primaries!
    Still in the same home. Am retired and happy with Mia and the kids. I've been writing trying for the novel but so far just puttering at it. How are you and yours? I hope everyone is fit and happy. You are coming to Christmas I hope your day is all you hope for. Hugzzzz
    I think it was a computer glitch. I sent a msg to Apple and before I knew it, they fixed it. Everything is working fine, now.
    Hey Jack, what's happening over at PH? I tried to get in and I'm getting a msg saying they are moving to a new server and I need to clear my browser cache and temp files! I tried another browser but have not been able to get in, do you know what happened?
    Glad we caught up. It's nice to see you're still posting. I don't do so much these days. How have you been? I hope all is well with you and yours. Higzzzz
    The douche bag Captain Courtesy, closed our PF group. He said it was a mod team decision which is a lie because I talked with other mods here who didn't know a thing about it.
    It's so different, I'm still trying to figure my way around. I'll look into setting up a wall - as soon as I figure out how. I looked for some of the old agitators and didn't see them on the member's list - I guess they left? Like Oldschool and AmendmentX?
    I sent you a PM - it's good to see you here. They changed the format here and I'm having a time adjusting to it. It used to be so easy posting here, don't know why they have to change. So, how's PH doing? Has it grown much? Do you all still have the arcade? I miss that. Hope to see you around, it's going to get really ugly, with Reps/cons trying to destroy Obama's chances of re-election, but so far they haven't offered up anything of significance, so we'll just have to wait and see!
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