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  • Gwen, I am very sorry to see you go. I hope you change your mind. If not then best of luck out there!

    Your friend, Kahuna
    I might come over and check it out. I am, I'll warn you, reconsidering the efficacy of forums in general and having an internal debate with myself as to whether I really need to participate even just a little in them. We'll see. I get fed up easily :lol:
    I think you hit it on the head. I got tired of having posts I wrote ignored while the same group of people wrote at each other. I work during the day so I cannot post as much and perhaps that hinders my absorption into the community but it's pretty darn frustrating to contribute to a discussion everyone ignores you in. Or maybe I have serious post halitosis...that could be it. Maybe I'll duck back into PF1 and put a hundred people on ignore and see if it works better that way!
    I used a link that I saw you had posted to Static Engineer and got on. Today PE is down. I have not been able to log in yet. Hugzzzz

    I missed everyone as well. About a week ago I started to post a few things at the site we left and found Justee. She said some people were posting here. How have you been?
    I am having a great deal of trouble trying to log into Political edge. I have not been able too since the move. Is there a new addy there or something? Hugzzzz
    Thanks! I wondered where everyone went when they redid PP! I checked Political Edge but the format is so much different, I feel like a new user each time I log in, and when I do, I happen to be the only one on-line! I'll check it out from time to time, but I'm kinda getting used to the new PF where Justee just made Mod! Now, that is refreshing news! I'm getting used to this place, also.
    spots cat and mbig are the ones i most suspect - but only because their politics - and posting 'styles' are closely aligned with ditzy's
    re: justabubba, if everyone here is okay for eugenics to come on board, I will PM you once eugenics arrives.

    just let me know Gwen and will send an invite
    Hello Gwen, things are swell, thanks for stopping by and giving a big HELLO. Hugs:)
    Dearest Gwendoline, I read your note as I came on this morning and was touched. I can see why Del loved you as an online friend. I am certain that in the real you two would have gotten along as well. I hope that every challenge you meet in life is an easy one. It is also my hope that any struggles are simple.

    I am so happy that my Del touched your life and that you touched hers. May the road rise up to meet you and the road be soft under your feet. May the passion for love and life always glow inside you.
    Hugzzzz and Love Alice
    Del told me about a poll that you two were on together about female bashing. she told me how special you were. she said your were like an angel that shown light. thanks for being her friend.
    Alice (Del's wife) and Katie
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