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  • Hi! Still sailing, have been down to Grenada and back up the east coast, now anchored in St Thomas waiting to start .....GASP...a job! Will be chartering for Boy Scouts this summer. How are you?
    Hey Andalublue,

    Thanks for the kind words. I was actually taking a break for mental health and professional reasons (spending too much time posting). More to do with myself than anyone else. I'll probably end up taking another break down the road. :) Depends on how well I moderate myself.
    I'm doing quite well. I'm running a room at a child care centre, so I'm financially better off than most of Europe, but not by much. :lol: My family's well. I've been living with my dad for about 2 months, it's going pretty well, his dementia's fairly mild at the moment, just absent-mindedness.

    That sounds fantastic actually, I'm envious. Enjoy your cherries!

    You take care too Andy.
    "When I was a kid, Thatcher was in, and people did vote for it, and she did exactly what she said she was gonna do...

    Deep throatin Satans **** so hard, that she could lick his black balls on the downstroke.

    People are arguing about whether to give her a state funeral or not, I've got an idea.

    Give every person in Scotland a shovel, and we'll dig a hole so deep that we could hand her over to Satan personally." - Frankie Boyle
    " I respect Catawba too. A bit too right-wing for my taste, but I'm a pluralist." Thanks for that my friend!

    I hope you have a great Christmas and New Year!
    Well, aren't you the sweetest? Thank you so much TG. I had a great time with family and friends and that sugared the pill of the big five-oh, no end. It's really, really sweet of you to take the time to send the wishes.

    Love to all in Leavenworth!
    Anda... Wanted to wish you a very belated Happy Birthday! Sorry I wasn't here when it came. Hope life is treating you well. :kissy:
    The problem I have with participatory economics is its neurotic nature of exactly measuring everyone's job desirability, empowerment, effort and sacrifice, then balancing each of these things to almost absolute equality. With all neurotics it is obsessive (equality), and thus compulsive (balancing). And indeed, it would be bureaucratic to maintain this.
    However, given that workers would control the system they will root out any aspect of it that doesn't work so it would have a self-correcting mechanism.
    Do you advocate participatory economics? Not really desirable in my opinion, but better than capitalism I suppose.
    Thanks so much, Andy. It was a minor procedure, and the eye stung for a few hours, but am better today. I can see clearly again! Woot! *hugs*
    Pleased and proud. Sorry, it's a North of England word. We use it a lot. "Made up" means the same thing, so if anyone says that they are 'made up' with a christmas present, it doesn't mean it helped get a promotion! :2razz:
    *had to look up chuffed* Glad you are chuffed! :D

    No, there is not! I agree. And, as is true with practice of every kind, it does make perfect. ;) I surely will enjoy the others. We seem to have the same taste in wine.
    No, it was different from many of the reds I enjoy and though I didn't think of it until you mentioned it, the texture does remind me of Pinot Noir. :) Lighter than most reds. Splashed across my tongue and left a nice feeling in my mouth. :) Very similar to the Pinots. :) Thanks again! I really appreciated the lesson in Spanish wine. :)
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