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  • Oh my! I hope you will get riding again ASAP. I was thinking of starting some kind of cycling thread, wether it's the races or the sport itself.
    She did indeed mate, women are persuasive! I can barely find time to log in these days, but with summer coming up ill be sure to PM you so i can sign up too, sounds good. Until then take care of yourself mate.
    Mate! Good to speak to you again. No mate, army days are behind me. Living peacefully in Denmark. Hows Political Asylum been treating you? From what i've been told the idiots have been breeding like monkeys on this forum, i think we need to start logging on more often for a laugh.
    How have you been? I haven't been to HRC in a couple of years. I was posting on AWE but the site closed down for some reason and we never found out why. My brother is still at WS as far as I know. We've sort of drifted apart since I moved from the Hampton Roads area.

    I'll check out political asylum. I don't really like heavily moderated sites like this one or maybe I'm just not used to it.

    Anyway, hope you're doing well. See Ya Bike.
    I know your not around here very often bicycleman, but send me a message now that i am back. Was hoping we could team up and start shoveling the **** that seems to have swarmed this place. Waiting for your call buddy!
    Haha cool im glad you bought it!
    That PC sounds hard core. my stupid laptop has a chip set :(
    Im going to work and build my own custom PC hopefully. I think you will like Battlefield, especially online mode. And the old Doom games are classic! Do you think she would like Xbox Kinect/ PS3 motion?
    You should invest some time and money in a PS3 console mate! You are not likely to regret it since you yourself are a gamer.
    It might not seem like it now, but to buy a console tailored to the gamer's needs and to the virtual world makes a large amount of difference. I was always a PC fan boy after the PS2 and the controls put me off the next PS release. But it becomes so natural to use the keyboard and mouse suddenly become obsolete.
    Fear is a good game. PC gaming is good if you have a video card that can take it. Battlefield bad company 2 you will love. The first Call of im still a huge fan of. Even though it was released in 2003 the online community is still going.
    By far the best game out on the PS3 is uncharted 2: Amongst Thieves (could be availible for PC, highly recommend you try it out). It uses the PS3 hardware, the most current 3D graphics rendering technology, to its absolute limit. Highly, highly recommended. Unfortunately a PC fan boy such as yourself has likely heard of Metal Gear Solid but never actually played it. The one out for the PS3 is worth purchasing the console for alone.
    The new Stalker game, Call of Pripyat is real good. It's better than the first 2, but I liked all 3. I played the first Call of Duty but haven't tried Battlefield. I also played FEAR, and that was a good game as well.

    I don't have a console. I just play PC games. I especially like the Left Behind 4 Dead 1 and 2 series. I have played them online, but never could find anybody who knew how to team up. It was every man for himself, and that's a cooperative game, or you don't survive, no matter how many zombies you take out.
    I am not a big fan of the STALKER series, i wont lie. I think the best fps games out there is definetly Call of Duty and Battlefield: Bad Company 2.
    You should definitely try them out. Fallout 3 is a really good game too, actually (well according to critics anyway. i just dont like the battle system). I will definetly try the new STALKER though. Do you have a video console? (oh btw my pm box is free)
    Lol, i like the coded talk.
    Yeah, he told me too. Don't know if that means he will be on here at these same times or not though until it resumes, highly unlikely however.
    He did bicycleman, im thrilled and i have to admit a bit caught off guard. First i have heard from him since i last sent you a message.
    I got a bit bored with it. The new one is a cartoon bull from an old UK TV game show of the 1980s. I think you're right. It's not so good. I'll find another. You okay, Rick? Just chilling out before work in front of the first World Cup football game. Life's good! I hope you have a great weekend.

    Hi Rick, I see you've very nicely been defending me on the GenPol thread. You're a gentleman! Of the trolls there I think JallMan is the most neanderthal but I was very amused to see the Rev nicely defeated in Roderic's thread by Rod and the nice ethereal lady, I've forgotten her name...WindChords or something like that. They did a very good job. Happy Sunday.
    I referred the PFers to read our conversation, and PM you for details.
    Now, hopefully Rev won't think I betrayed him.

    LOL !!!!!

    I doonah think you canna clean up the basement. :no:
    no no no, it's the BASEMENT !!! It's not about honor.

    Boy, you making me feel guilty. :mrgreen:
    But, there's beer to take care of that. :beer:

    ahahahaaa, I don't know. How can I campaign against my own vote !!! Wait, I could.
    LOL !!!

    Request access to PF Refugees and campaign for votes. They'll all vote your way if you ask.

    Then you have to leave, cuz you ain't a pf refugee. :mrgreen:
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