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  • Hey tea, even though we obviously do not see eye to eye on the issue of libertarianism, I appreciate that you manage to keep the debate not only civil but constructive. Not everyone manages to do that.

    For that you have my respect=)
    You have much more patience than I do in trying to carry on a discussion with Henrin!
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    Yes, and I was the one that Anikdote mentioned to you when he said that he was asking someone about more information about the topic. Some of us regard the term "libertarian socialist" as redundant due to our belief that all legitimate forms of libertarianism must be socialist in nature, though.

    I know that debates about the morality of socialism can be irrational, so I tend to focus on the efficiency of socialist economic structure instead. Just think of me as the anarcho-communist (and American) Reiver, I suppose. :)
    I am glad to see that discussion happening. It is badly needed. You expressed the situation very well and I thank you for saying it! :sun
    You can call it stalking me if you want. I like to think you are joining me here! :sun
    I've only seen Metro and Ani a little bit, I hope they gets comfortable. Cat's here for sure though :) Wander around some, it's quieter, but you might like it. :mrgreen:
    I do. It took me awhile to get used to the threads section, I don't know why b/c it's pretty similar to the PF setup. I hung out in Lita's Tiki Bar and browsed the content almost exclusively at first, but once I dove into the threads, yea, I liked the organization of this board better. The Breaking News splits, and the other stuff too. Plus, seriously, the other place got overrun with fringers, I just couldn't stand to read there anymore, it was so hard to find content posts and not stupid posts. Of course, yours were not stupid! What about you, is it too familiar but unfamiliar for you to get comfortable? The similarity of the setup, but difference at the same time, was disconcerting at first.
    apply to join the wanderers social group, I will sign you in, that lets you enter the tavern/tiki
    LOL! Did it? I just logged out and was going to bed, and after I hit Log Out the screen came back and I saw your name in the members signed on section on the front page. They do them in login order here, instead of alphabetical order like at PF, so you were first in line :)
    Hi Tea!!! So glad to see you here :2wave:

    Make sure you get a Tavern key from BLZ, Lita's got a hopping Tiki Bar over there, plus the whole Tavern forums subsection is fun. There's a PF Refugee group in Social Groups too.
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