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  • :))

    Heh, I get that. It's the extention of the "If you don't agree with a sides argument or reasoning then that must mean you're the other side!". I've been called a liberal or some variation of fake conservative more times than I can count on here now.
    Yep. I'm hoping they come in. But it's also why I've not been happy that those who have jumped in have immedietely gone to bringing up "Black Culture", some already saying it has to be nazi-ism, people already trying to argue it doesn't exist, etc. -.- That was the kind of stuff I was hoping to avoid early on by asking for people who think it does exist and that it should be okay to celebrate to post...because I figured they'd be less likely to post if they felt there were people ready to pounce them or less likely to post their honest thoughts if they had the opening to start going at the "BLACK CULTURE GRRR HYPOCRITICAL" angle (see Rhinefire thanks to Smart's unfortunate bait).

    I figured it was likely a futile attempt but we'll see. What I do find funny is, due to the fact I'm trying to remain neutral and objective, I have people in the thread making insinuations all sorts of directions regarding me and my purposes/slants/views.
    Yep. I don't generally buy the notion of "White culture" as it seems to oftne be used....however, in an attempt to be fair, I realize that I never really have seen those people on THIS forum at least get an honest chance to explain WTH they actually mean by it because they tend to immedietely (understandably most of the time) get shouted down and it becomes a "Well why can blacks do it but not whites!" and we never really know what they think.

    I wanted to take the chance and actually see, if they didn't feel like they would immedietely be pounced upon, if they could actually articultae WHAT that "white culture" is. That way I can at least feel that I'm disagreeing with what they actually THINK (if I still disagree at that time, I imagine that's likely) rather than what we just immedietely project on them.
    Damn. You made a large part of the general thought process I figured I was going to post once I gave people their chance to actually post in the White Heritage thread :D
    A friend of mine linked this article on facebook. I thought it was very informative, thought that you might react the same way.

    The Failure of the American Jewish Establishment by Peter Beinart | The New York Review of Books
    What was the Mearsheimer and Walt article that you posted exactly? I'm wondering why it's got Gardener's panties all in a bunch.
    Tom Ricks is one of my favorite journalist/writers

    He suggested this:
    When the rich abandoned America -- and what that has to do with defense - By Tom Ricks | The Best Defense

    Not sure how we would pay for it, but it's entertaining to think about.
    You shouldn't waste your time with Conservative. Even if you eventually crush him, he'll dodge and use the same talking points the next day. I've had a whole debate with him on whether the Reagan tax cuts increased revenues or not. In the end, he thinks he won because he used nominal dollars not accounting for inflation.
    He's just an air head :3
    haha. I joined this forum a few months back. Growing up in Maryland, which is like one of the bluest states ever, I've pretty much been moderate to liberal my whole 20 yrs of life. This is probably the first forum I joined where I seriously got to know what conservatives think and why they think what they do, whereas previously I pretty much hung out on liberal-leaning sites. In an environment like this you really get exposed to entirely different philosophies and it makes you realize just how varied political thought is in this country.
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