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  • Me? Yea, I'm good. I've just been training up with the Army up at Ft Jackson this last week, so I haven't had much time to post.

    Thanks for the concern though, man. I appreciate it.
    We do frequently seem to be on the same wave-length. Sometimes I think you're in my head, copying it all down, lol! You've always been one of my favorite posters. *hugs*
    Most people probably hate it since a majority either believe in science or a God of religion but rarely both.
    okay l am your kid :lol:

    some demonstrations are still being held in some parts of the country and it will increase again within a few months if l am not wrong

    yes syria is still a problem which may cause other conflicts in this region and the government is responsible for this dangerous crisis

    l hoep l am wrong
    You're kidding? :lol:

    You know, I never actually read it because it was sort of a period piece of pop psychology for that era but it's supposed to have some good insights. Tell me what you think once you've read it?

    I've listened to Tony Robbins before who's basic philosophy is "you don't succeed because you don't take chances, and you don't take chances because you focus on the possible negative, instead of positive outcome."
    Hey Grip- just wanted to tell you that I picked up a copy of "I'm Okay. You're Okay." at the half price book store yesterday- for a grand total of 98 cents. :mrgreen:
    I live in a nudest colony where everybody is naked all the time. :mrgreen:
    romantic cowboy :lol:

    your profile page makes me want to dive into water!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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