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  • 'sup, Liz! :D Just had some work **** to take care of. I won't bore you with the details.

    Great to see ya, babe. :kissy:
    Well Thanks Jesse! I'm glad you like. I think she's rather lovely, myself!
    I think it looks great! Much better than the pink flower, given the fact that I like dark indigo and violet much better than I like the color pink. Of course, that would be a much-disagreed with opinion, from the viewpoint of someone who likes the color pink much more than dark indigo and violet. Oh, I could expound and expiate for hours on these two sentences, much to everyone's dismay, but I fear I shall soon be off to interact with people in real life, outside of the internet. Unfortunate and inconvenient, I know, but i do not yet have the capacity to completely cut myself off from all human contact, so I must put up with that undesired interference for a while longer. But again, the new avatar looks great.
    I can't!!!! I have an anti-commie compulsion.

    Going to take the pup out for a walk. Maybe that will make me sane!
    It's a good afternoon here in Georgia.:lol: Always good talking to you, Lizzie. Sadly, I have to go back to psychology class now. Have a pleasant day.
    Thank you. The one thing I can control in my self is my temper. Nobody else can control that. (Sometimes I lose I, but my goal is to be in control at all times.)

    But it really is tempting to be a snarky prick. Thank you for the note.

    I don't get these "property is invalid" types.

    It's always a pleasure to hear from you.
    I made twice baked potatoes tonight, and I only needed a little bit of bacon for sprinkling on top, so I used one of the little fry pans you sent. It is a really nice pan and cooked the bacon so evenly brown and crispy. :) That is exactly what I needed a little one for, so yeah they are going to come in really handy.
    Love them! I especially like the small frying pan. That is going to get a LOT of use from me. :) Thanks again lizzie!
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