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  • Just stopping by to say "hi"! Haven't crossed paths with you in a while, and have missed you. *hugs*
    Hey hon- just wanted to drop a line to say hi- hope you're well, and that life is good. :)
    Hey!!! Great to hear from you stranger! Glad to hear things are going well. :) Hope to see you soon!
    Haven't seen you around much lately, but wanted to wish you a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

    SW pwns! Ain't nobody can say any different.

    Thanks again.
    A big ole 2013 smooch for you! :)

    Fluffy, can I get a link to the source material you found on bullying and child suicide?

    Thanks, doll.

    Is that your actual photo? You are a hottie, Fluffy.

    How nice for Mrs. Fluffy.
    Thanks for the condolences. My dad truly was a wonderful man, but he was diagnosed with a primary inoperable brain tumor, so a fairly quick death was a blessing. He would otherwise have been looking at life in a wheelchair, which is the last thing my father would want.

    Yes, jackstress of all trades. :D Yes, I'm tackling the remodeling myself. I love doing woodwork and construction. :)

    Hope you're doing well too! :)
    Yeah, I haven't posted there for a few months now. The place got too small, lol. Life's been good, except for losing my dad over the summer. I've been doing a guest room remodel, and now have started on my laundry room, and I've been shooting my air rifles. Learning to shoot off-hand 10 meter target- wow what a challenge that's been. :D
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