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  • I knew It was right up your alley/current sentiment.
    I think I posted when it was written several places. None survive.
    I couldn't remember author's name, so I googled 'abu afak brownshirts' and I stumbled on it, tho not in any of my old posts.
    EDIT: I just found one post I made with it from 2005.
    Just to say hi. Hope you're going well. I'm still kicking around PF, it kinda changed, like 1000%. Oh, forums, huh? Anyway, big HI to you. xx
    I've tried to look for Isabelle Huppert's, but got unlucky; so I had to settle for Lea Seydoux's ad for American Apparel (feel free to google it).

    In my defense I was enticed by the previous poster's pic of a Frenchman during a parisian gay pride!
    I usually don't send unsolicited PM's but you may be interested in correcting a post in this thread by the poster 'Playdrive', correcting his 'history' re Israel and Palestine. I don't have the time and don't know when The Loft preview ends, so I doubt I can get to it.


    His 'history leaves a lot to desired, which is ironic considering his 'caution' about 'biases'. He seems unaware of the Aliyahs of the 19th century, encouraged by the Ottoman rulers after the civil war with Egypt that depopulated the coastal areas, for starters.

    edit: your PM box is full so I pasted this message here.
    Your line I think.
    Some extraordinary things, at least to my novice eye.
    daylily from rogers_earthworks | eBay
    I appreciate that. She means well and it's not her fault that it's not there for her. So, I'm just gonna focus on the friendship and what happens happens. I've got pretty thick skin and people are entitled to their opinion. I don't see it as being a traitor to my gender lol I see it as bringing chivalry back from the dead.

    I can't wait to find a woman that is capable of reciprocating my feelings.

    I appreciate the support.


    Oh and your private inbox is full. Just letting you know.
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