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  • ((hugs)) girl! I'm glad your garden grew this season and I hope hunting season finds you well and in abundance!!! Miss you!!! Check in when you can k?
    Hi Dancer..how you doing....haven't heard from you in a while.

    Things are going pretty hot and heavy here with the knuckel draggers.
    Their tatics are too shout you down with grunts and insults then gang up on you in order to shut down any real debate. Liken the townhall mobs.
    I got your message earlier but I was walking out the door to head too Eugene too my mom and dads..that is where I am now...I'm going to take my dad shopping tomorrow and get him out for a while and give my mom a break from him.

    How have you been? Well I hope.

    friending the tiki tartes :mrgreen: :2wave: .... and I forgot to reply earlier!
    Your life sounds SO interesting! Blackberries are still green here, but soon they'll be ready. Hubs wants to try to make jam this year. And of course, there's always just eating, pancakes, muffins, etc ....
    Hi ! Was just thinking about you, ran into one of your posts somewhere on the board. Hope you're doing well! Wow, that dipnetting looks FUN!
    Hey baby---just gut wrenching news about Inferno huh?
    Been crying for days/weeks...now I'm just~~~~numb.
    I cannot even fathom what Alice must be going through.
    Awww, you're the sweetiest thing! :kissy: And you, mine. I wandered around the PF, wondering wth happened to all the good posters!

    Re: Inferno .... you are so right, she is all that. And shines a keen intelligence, to boot.
    (((((( NDN ))))))) thankyou! I can't say how shocked I was to hear about Inferno. It took me a couple weeks, but I finally followed your trail and found out where y'all had gone. I am hoping against hope that Del gets better .... sure, I only 'knew' her for a few short weeks, but she really makes an impact!
    Hi Dancer :)
    Don't know if you remember me, but I found this forum by following your trail on the PF board. We were briefly 'friends' there. When I got a new friend request this am (I'd been gone awhile and wandered back a couple weeks ago), I saw you in my list of friends, but your avatar was 'unchecked'. So, I went to your profile page, and saw no messages, no friends, clicked on the list for your posts, and found DP from a response to one of your last posts. Anyway, I'm real sorry to see so many quality posters left PF. Frankly, posters whose posts I liked, and was the reason I joined there in the first place! I'm also beyond sorry to hear about Inferno/Del.

    Hm. Rambling runon sentences. Anyway, just wanted to let you know I found this place b/c of you! Kicking the tires and checking out the fit now :mrgreen:
    Yes I was gone for twelve days and my garden took off. All of my tomatoes are over my head. I think I will have a bumper crop this year.
    I so much love fresh tomatoes out of my garden. I make sauces and try to make them last throughout the winter.
    I am glad to hear you are up and around and getting things done.
    The trick I think is comfortable progression. Easy going but still forward. I will check out your pictures in the Tike bar. I hope you have a good time with your upcoming adventure. I have been so distracted today with thinking of Del and hoping she will be OK.

    Have a good nights sleep Dancer..C-ya tomarrow.
    Hugs back Dancer...I am so sad about Del. I know she is very strong and she is trying her hardest as she was in her regaining her walking over the last several weeks. I really want her back.

    My vacation was great..camping, fishing, more fishing, golf, more fishing then great wedding.

    All in twelve days. I'm glad i'm back in one peice.

    I BBQed for 150 people with one other person and we served them all too. It all went off without a hitch and there were smiles all around.

    I love to cook and make people happy.

    I read that you had a fine 4th. Did you make it through safe and sound?

    *snuggling gently and thinking of Del*
    Thanks. I don't get the argument being made by supporters of this ban, either. I don't see how removing a right empowers people.
    I'm just finishing a new book a friend sent to me. It's a very well done scholarly book, "1491, New Revelations of the Americas Before Columbus" by Charles C. Mann. I'm dragging out some of my activist buddy's books next to re-read. I've run into a problem with some of the Elders. Because of the theft of our intellectual property by scholars and the government, some of the Elders don't want to share some of the deeper knowledge they have. They'll tell me, but don't want it written down, or taped for preservation. That's a symptom of a colonized mind and now I need to develop a decolonization process for Elders. I have a process that works well with communities, but this has to be a much more delicate tool. So, I'm gonna study up!
    Have you read any good books lately? I am reading "Team of Rivals," by Doris Kearns Goodwin, on the political savvy of Abe Lincoln. Oh, and last night I went to see the new Star Trek movie with my father. I am not a Star Trek fan, at all, but thought it was a very exciting movie. The physics were all messed-up, but the plot was good.
    Life is good when one can meet such intelligent, motivated people in passing. It is good to be your new friend madam.
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