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  • happy xmas tlmorg hope u are with ur family and jolly at this great time of year. best wishes and have a happy nu year
    Should you find the time to visit next spring, do let me know. I think I'd rather enjoy being a partial host to out of town guesses.
    My wife and I were discussing visiting the other day. We're definately going to try to get out there soon. She passes the SRC everyday on her way to work. All of my kids have been there except my oldest who moved to Indianapolis, IN years ago to live with her mother. My youngest daughter who's 8 loves it! She's gone on about 3-4 field trips and eats it up!
    Don't tell me you're a NASA nerd? (j/k) Where do you live? I've lived in Hsv, AL for 10 yrs and I've never been to the Space & Rocket Center, but from what I've been told it has undergone an outstanding makeover. You can see the new center from the I-565 interchange. I've got to get there one day soon.
    Hey. Was reviewing some private commentary and stumbled across your PM to me. How goes things with you and your grandfather doing down my way in Huntsville, AL?
    Heyyy, good to 'see' you. I'm well and hope you are too. I hear ya on the inactive forum periods. I do that too.
    Hi TLM :2wave: ltns .... We must not frequent the same forums, haven't bumped into you in awhile.
    Hello tlmorg02. Wondering if you could help me on something. how do i join public usergroups like the wanderers?
    LeMars is a town in Iowa. This question was to figure out if you were an old high school friend that lives where you do (same general area) and is a PhD in chemistry. Apparently you are not.
    friending the tiki tartes :mrgreen: :2wave:
    Since you're already my bud, I'm just sayin' hi!
    G'day tlmorg. Just thought id be friendly and drop a comment. Hows life been treating ya? Take care.
    I was only there shortly, and missed the insane board eruptions. But hey, finding that helped me find this, so it's all good ! :mrgreen:
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