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  • i miss her too. it really sucks. i feel bad. i have to give a talk about Del in NYC on Friday evening. a huge turn out is expected in a candlelight service. i am going to talk about how she even in her adversity continued being an activist on the net at forums like these. i am going to read a few of the statements made in her memorial here and show some of the pictures people posted.

    i think she would be thrilled at that.
    i do not believe in war i am totally non violent. i watch war and film it so maybe someday the idiots that run things can figure out a way to stop them. this is my goal.
    yeah some can give one nightmares. the bombs and planes and explosions. troops running here and there. i always felt somehow ill prepared they bring guns and i bring a camera. kind of like a jelly sandwich to a Fillet Mignon banquet.
    that Tiki Bar is very nice. it was a good idea just a place to have friends gather. like home away from home.
    gah! freaking humidity!!! No, it's pulled apart and all agape. Must wait until humidity dissipates to sand and paint. Looks like Saturday. So today, I bathes and clippered both my cocker spaniels. Old man shook so much :( I only got a little bit done. I'll do more tomorrow.

    God, tho, it's SO damn sticky! I went thru four shirts today, with the baths and the hair and the sweat from dog wrestling ...
    friending the tiki tartes :mrgreen: :2wave:
    But since you are the Tiki Bar queen, and already on my bud list, I'm just saying hello :)
    I won't !! :2wave:

    I am busy making this heavily conservative site hate me in a couple of health care threads :3oops: Do you hate the idea of the fed'l gov't crafting health care legislation? Are you going to end up hating me too? *oh noooeess*
    Hey gawjuss !!!!

    I was in the Tiki Bar earlier, readin' and checking up, then I got sidetracked with champagne toasts to mods and Blue Dog health care. I love your tiki bar :)

    I didn't mean to come and go without a wave!
    Heard any news about Inferno?
    And what the heck is up with PF?
    Martha says it's been down most of the day?
    (Did you break it? tsk, tsk, tsk)
    Sounds good, and ty! I am still waiting on Tucker, I think he's here, I see posts from him, but he's not driving with his headlights on if he is. Save some good ale for me. Or rum. Rum is good. :mrgreen:
    TY, Lovely Lita !

    I wandered around, knocking on doors, found the search button, and started clicking. I found your original Tiki bar, and am cracking my way up reading thru it (sad laugh at Inferno cracking a joke at NDN's expense re: liking balls .... ). I found Tuck's directions in there, and just sent a request.

    BTW, what is the point of the other usergroups? Do you just get donkeys under your name (if you choose liberal/progressive)? Or is there a board or something else?
    Go to control panel and go to group memberships and choose the wanderers and request membership. Once I see them there I can go in and approve it.
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