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  • I have already e mailed him. I have a lot of e mails for just such and emergency. My e mail is deloresmeacham@ymail.com in the event you ever need it.
    Political Forum - View Profile: Paris

    Here is his home page at PF. It says he is banned.
    I like that it is low maintenance. I am glad you are enjoying it. Oh Paris got banned from PF today. I wasn't sure you knew.
    Why halo Lo-Lita, is it me your looking for? I can see it in your eyes, I can see it in your smile. :)
    Thanks for the invite Inferno - I certainly needed it, lol....I'll be hitting the hay in a few minutes, so have a wonderful night and I'll talk to you tomorrow! (o:
    I'm good. I like you needed to get away from PF for a time. I am just doing a few posts here a day and trying just to find my way here.
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