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  • Thanks for the well-wishes, currently doing pharm tech related materials in my Health Science class. While I find the field interesting, I'd like to do a more hands-on job in the medical field, so I'm looking at either becoming a PA or a Nurse Practiconer. I find the human anatomy to be intriguing and getting to help others is always a great benefit. Which is why I'm so interested in the medical field, not sure I could do anything else. :cool:
    Any of those aspects would help, although I feel foolish for asking. I don't have that kind of healthcare knowledge currently. It does get very frustrating when members interpret the scriptures to make it not a sin, so any general help on that would be greatly appreciated. Anything science-wise that can help in countering the pro-homosexuality arguments would help, if valid. You don't have to if you don't want to; mainly, I need more knowledge on these topics.
    I have a question, Digsbe. I've been looking to supplement my knowledge on the homosexuality/abortion issues. If you'd point me out to some good sources, I'd reaalyy appreciate it.
    Oh my! I guess I was thinking of your undergraduate work being completed. At least you are close to getting to the real meat and potatoes of your career when you enter grad school. :)
    It does! I honestly hadn't thought of that, since I wear sunglasses year round, when the sun comes out here that is. Oh, and also it was described as Rocker Girl, on the site where I found it. :)

    Thanks Digs! :) I hope you are doing well too. You're close to completing your studies, yes?
    You're welcome, but shame on me. I read a couple of your posts yesterday, but didn't take note until I read another post a little while ago. Gee...duh me! :p

    Anyway, it's very appropriate. Happy New Year to you! :)
    Sorry for your loss once again Digsbe, I know it's tough and I think the best thing you can do is to go to that interview on the 14th and blow their socks off, it'll make her proud, I know she'll be watching from up above :)

    As for TS and Skype, I can do either thursday night before I have to go to work :2wave: just send me a message on here when you're on.
    Just bought a new Xbox, so can't wait for Skyrim

    Though hopefully this week I can waste some time on MW3 and Battlefield 3.

    Though the ski hills open this week so gotta get there too.

    How you doin buddy?
    Digsbe, I wonder if you could do me a favor, and move a thread for me? I tried to start a discussion about the early American labor movement in the History Forum, but no one is even remotely interested in the subject. They all want to debate communism as a political philosophy; so perhaps you could move it to the Philosophy Forum?

    Sorry to trouble you.

    Thank you. I appreciate that very much Digs. I didn't think of that, leading someone into posting a basement like response would have been terrible. Yikes! Ok...I'll put the stick down. :)
    Sorry Digs! I really thought that was in the basement. I clicked it from the Quick Links drop menu and didn't notice the forum page. It seemed basement like to me. I sincerely apologize. I think I better stop posting today. I seem to be out of sorts. Thanks for not infracting me.
    Ah yes, I am a little closer to the Great Smokies than you. They are awesome. I go every year the first week in December to Pigeon Forge to see the Christmas lights :)
    Most definitely!! Fall is my favorite time of the year, I love it. I like going to the mountains and seeing all the pretty leaves :)
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