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    If she's not saying no, not resisting, not in any sign of distress it's not rape

    The argument being made in the OP is completely revolting. If she doesn't say "yes" or give express consent to a sexual encounter then engaging in such an encounter can be rape. I find it baffling how some hetero males want to justify violating women and go through ideological hoops to justify...
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    Being LGBT is Not a Sin

    This isn't even a rational reply. I pretty much dismissed everything the article had to say after the first sentence reads "Not to put too fine a point on it, but men pretending to be women do not get menopause." His bias is made fully known in the first sentence, and the actual study itself...
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    Does society say a straight person can turn gay but a gay person can't turn straight?

    Lol if I could have turned hetero I would, most gays that grow up in non-affirming environments usually "try." Sexuality cannot be changed, it's scientifically shown to be hardwired into the brain as an innate aspect of one's biology.
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    Being LGBT is Not a Sin

    Again... what does this have to do with LGBT not being a sin? Will you respond to my previous post? You do realize due to homophobia/transphobia that LGBT individuals largely have higher rates of mental illness and addiction, right? Maybe such laws will prevent suicides and overdoses. Then...
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    Being LGBT is Not a Sin

    What does this have to do with LGBT being sinful or not? Or do you just post news stories casting LGBT people in a negative light in order to justify some kind of discriminatory bigotry? When heterosexual people commit crimes you don't see their sexual/gender orientation highlighted in the...
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    Being LGBT is Not a Sin

    The thing is, is that the Bible was literally warped to say "homosexuals don't inherit the Kingdom of God" and "homosexual" inserted as a list of sins God hates in the 40s and 80s when the LGBT community became more visable. As I outlined in my OP, the words "arsenokoites" and "malakos" are...
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    Does society say a straight person can turn gay but a gay person can't turn straight?

    I'm a committed Christian who also happens to be gay.
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    Nearly 40% of Gen Zs identify as LGBTQ

    Numbers typically get skewed by "bisexuals" or "queer" people that want to identify with the LGBT demographic yet never date, have attraction, or have true romantic connections with the same sex. In 2022 it's "cool" to not be white and be something other than heterosexual, my suspicion is people...
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    Your candidate decisions in general elections

    I do my research and vote based off of that. I've voted for both Democrats and Republicans. Many times I vote against the party in power to try and ensure checks and balances in government. This election I will probably vote straight Republican, the "progressive" and "woke" policies the current...
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    Conservatives: Should we just stop trying at this point ?

    Never give up! The whole progressive "woke" crap is an ideological cancer upon society. The under 35 crowd (which I belong to) subscribe to group-think and are largely brainwashed and trained to label ideas contrary to their own as "evil" or "racism" or "fascism." Some begin to see the light.
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    Gays Have Become Big Bullies

    I love how some heterosexuals think seeing the "evil gays" in a commercial somehow equates to LGBT bullying or "shoving LGBT down their throat." Do heterosexuals feel the same way when the overwhelming media representation of relationships are heterosexual in nature with opposite sex couples...
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    Maybe so. I do love making a guy climax 🤤.
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    Can I select selfless sex? I love pleasing another man and making him climax.
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