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  • Aw thanks! And no problem! :) I like making new friends... :)
    And yeah I love pro-life/pro-choice debates. They're very much so a "hot button issue"... I think it's interesting.

    And thanks! It's nice to have you welcoming me to DP! Thanks for the welcome ! How are you?
    Yep, Europe is good. France is OK when you pretend the French aren't there. The continent has a lot of history. We have old mysterious relics, to gas chambers, to historical sites, to old Kingdoms....its great when you get out there and explore. Molecular biology huh? You wont be short on money when your older if you graduate. :)
    Oh sure, sometimes if i get bored me and my mates will jump on a ferry or the Eurostar and go to Paris for the day. Awesome fun. Oh, i dont think you would be able to go to any EU country without an EU passport im afraid. Im not too sure if such laws extend to foreign students. I want to do software engineering or game design btw. You?
    Wow, thanks for saying that. Guess ill look elsewhere. Tennessee sounds fun. Maybe we can go Church together every Sunday :2razz::2razz:
    Why Austria? What are you studying anyway?
    Hmm, im Christian but not religious. I dont have the faith to submit my life to something like that. Instead I accept the existence of God and the fact that I share common values with the religion. Its nice to know a dude of 19 has that religion play a big role in his life and keeping that tradition alive.

    Im not too sure about universities. I think maybe Missisipi University. Im kinda not too keen on going to the US but only time will tell.
    Yeah, do you guys use the word university? I was thinking of doing S.A.T's and coming over to the US with an EU scholarship. I think ill just stay in Britain though. Oh and yep, i live in Britain. And you are 2 years older than myself. Are you a religious Christian btw?
    Right, had to search up the term sophomore, we dont use it here.
    Im last year of high school, so your older. :)
    thanks for adding me mate. You seem pretty young, i think we are the only users around here between the age of 17-19 :p
    take care!
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