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What Accents do You Find Most Pleasent?

What Continent's Accents do you generally find pleasent?

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Southern Belle

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Sep 30, 2006
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South US
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Where are you from? What accent do you have? What accent sounds nicest to you? There are so many accents all over the world, so the actual poll will be about Continents.

As for me, I was born and raised down south, but I actually don't have too much of a Southern accent, but I do talk southern, so...:shrug:

I like British aceents, they are very pretty. (Julie Andrews's dialect) I like Scottish and Austailian and Canadian and Arabic and some Indian and Asian, and African (I think Kenya.)

What about y'all?
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Southern accents. Everything else can suck it.
British is the best, Southern is the worst.
I like Scottish, irish, African and british the most. The least would be probably Eastern block Nations.
Southern, though I don't have one myself.
Australian I like too, but not as a steady diet.
The choices are too broad.

"North American" would include Mexican, Canadian (which also varies greatly from East to West coast), and American (Texas vs. Boston?)

Anyway... I'll just answer straight out. I like Irish, French, British, and Japanese accents (when they speak English). Of course, these all vary greatly too within their own regions.
hola! i was born in Colombia and came to the states here in Texas, from what people tell me i have an Australian/Brit accent aswell as the Typical Colombian accent i got my Colombian accent in English from my dad and the mixture came a long when i hit middle school all the way to 10th grade it just became permanent i had taken speech soo many times and with my luck they were all Australian and English :( people like it and i guess i do too lol. but i like the american accents :] aswell as south american and eastern european
British is the best, Southern is the worst.

Depends on the kind of british person. When I play Halo or CoD or something with british people and they say something to me 5 times out of 10 I reply with "Dude I am so sorry but I have no idea what you just said."
Southern accents...especially from down around Savannah. It's like honey to your ears.
Irish accent wins over all others. Nothing like a sweet lass with an Irish accent. Other than that, I think a Japanese accent can be really cute too.
None, really.
our Southern is nice...
the English "cockney?" is nearly impossible to comprehend.
It sounds like a serious speech impediment..
Our schools do not do a very good job in teaching English,IMO.
Southern is the best.
My boyfriend is Irish. It's cute sounding, but I tease him about certain words. Like garage... his enunciation is "gare-edge."

I love southern drawl but I also love Russian. I know... I'm weird.
Scots as in Sean Connery. He sounds almost as cool as me. Failing that, Southern.

I like Scottish, Irish, British (sort of), and French; dislike German/Polish/Eastern European in general.
Australian and French, but not Canadian French. Real French. I heard a beautiful woman speaking over the intercom at De Gaul and I couldn't understand what she was saying but I knew that it was probably something wonderful. Or that all of our luggage had been lost. Whichever.
boy, its hard to say. i love the irish lilt! then you have the jamaican accent which is really cool too listen to. me, however, i dont have an accent. LOL. yah right. im in south texas.
I love the accents from west Africa the best.

My least favorite are working class Boston accents.
I am in the South so guess have a drawl. I love me some Islands Accents. OMG love em:)
Filipinas have the sexiest accent. Hands down.
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