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  • Things are good here. Working and more working. :lol: Hoping one day to take a real vacation! Glad to hear things are going good for you! :mrgreen:
    Just sayin' hi. Hope everything is going well. :)

    I'm not completely sure yet. I am mainly thinking about pharmacy or being a general practitioner. However, oncology is something I really find interesting. I guess I decide next year when I start applying to med schools haha.
    lol, well at least there are benefits to being out. I'm still doing undergrad pre-med stuff. Have you gotten a job yet?
    Thanks for accepting. I don't always agree with you, but I enjoy reading your posts and agree with most of what you say. You're a college student right?
    Dude... that last video you posted in the Japanese thread... I was on the floor... almost laughed out a lung.

    And then afterwards I have to ask myself: WTF?
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