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  • I'm writing a book too, but on a completely other note. Good idea on yours. I might do some cathartic writing myself.
    Given your 'list of life', it would seem a book is in order. Have you considered writing your memoirs?
    You just made me mist up. Thank you for your kind words, but more especially thank you for your prayers.
    Today must be opposite day. Me not only agreeing with you on a topic, but actively defending your position! It's nice to know that even though we disagree on most things, we can still both spot a stupid decision and call someone on it.
    That would be fine except there is no link to anything in the Op it just says: ......Just reported tonight.... and that's all. This was why I was posting the story at all, so people could actually see a story. I was just there again and the link must be invisible. There is a link on post #8.
    I merged two threads that were on the exact same topic. There was a valid link, so I left the new thread in the BN forum. The system automatically places the posts in their chronological order - we have no control over that.
    Thanks for sharing your concern. My contention is along the lines of Russell Kirk's way of thinking that as long as a society has its morals in proper order, it will prosper regardless of the political machinery it uses. Conservatives uniformly understand that mankind is imperfect and the imperfectibility of man is a pipe-dream. Therefore, a system of government that has a limited scope is most favorable. This is why Conservatives find themselves often opposed to the ideological zeal of those who promise the terrestrial paradise for man via Government policy.
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