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  1. Councilman

    How many hours do you work a week?

    Not only do I not work I will never work again. Fact is I didn't work ever when I was on the Radio. If I were to have an opportunity tp do a radio program I believe most who post here would be a fan because I welcome view that don't match my own and they go to the head of the line, because i...
  2. Councilman

    South Carolina sheriff tells women to carry concealed firearms

    Chances are slim that a woman will be sited for having a concealed weapon. I recommend pepper spray that is for Bears. It is much stronger than those for people and will stop most attackers in their tracks.
  3. Councilman

    Occupy Oakland: City braces for general strike

    As I see it Oakland police should great restraint in dealing with this violent anarchists who should have had water cannons used against them. They were there to show their asses and they did so with gusto.
  4. Councilman

    Who is Mitt Romney Conning?

    I really would like to see ACORN go the Great Auk.
  5. Councilman

    High speed rail

    This is destined to be another major boondoggle that will never,ever make a penny. Amtrak is loosing it's ass and have to be financially supported constantly. In California the Car is still king and people like the independence even as the State Assembly, and Bureaucracies are doing their...
  6. Councilman

    Sheriff Joe Arpaio: Good guy, or bad guy?

    Sheriff Joe is a Patriot does his job better than most. From what I cab tell the only people who don't like him are criminals and cry baby weaklings who don't stand for law and order.
  7. Councilman

    Occupy Oakland Attacked By Tear Gas, Rubber Bullets, and Flash Grenades

    Wrong! They were breaking the law and they got what was coming. Oakland is a cesspool full of Liberal idiots.
  8. Councilman

    Should we tweak the Halloween schedule?

    From what I have sen the only places that have changed the date is do to weather conditions and there is nothing wrong with that because kids don't get the politics that some try to apply to these changes. It's about the kids having fun for a night of being goofy nothing more.
  9. Councilman

    Perry Scares Every One....Even Me

    From what I have heard Perry does this all the time nd it's not about anything but him being himself.
  10. Councilman

    Cain accuser wants to tell her side of story

    I don't care who she is I care about what she is and who she voted for in the last election/ I she another empty headed Liberal who voted for Obama or just a gold digger.
  11. Councilman

    Cain campaign has biggest online fundraising day

    It really does seem people have caught on to the Liberal ploys. They will do what ever they can to bring any Conservative down with what ever they can come up with. I have dealt with these types of allegations against several employs when I was an Executive Manager and if they are handled...
  12. Councilman

    Are all religions cults?

    I invite everyone to compare and see that there is distinct differences between the two. I would go one step farther and say that only people who dont' understand Religion will think they are the same. I have seen there is more to this life than we can see by way of an NDE and an OBE. I...
  13. Councilman

    How much privacy does a public employee deserve?

    Private personnel matters are an internal matter depending on the state and the circumstances. The final result may be a different matter but it depends on a lot of variables. When public safety is in question I would think that the Police Dept. would want to do everything they can to put this...
  14. Councilman

    The 53%: We are NOT Occupy Wall Street

    Yes by all means go after the people who create the jobs and businesses. Do liberals ever learn from their mistakes of the past? Oh yea the answer is hell no.
  15. Councilman

    another solyndra, electric car battery maker facing financial hardship

    Lets see if you divide $53,000,000 by 253 it comes to $209,486 per job. Why not cut that in half and pay the people to do nothing for two years. Most of the wasteful spending since Obama took over would have worked out better this way. We cannot compete with the Chinese head to head in this...
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