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  • Merry Christmas and Happy New Year Kali! Hope everything is going well for you!
    Kali, where have you been, pumpkin? You're MIA... we worry. Please check in soon, okay?
    The Moonlit Grotto

    Here is that forum. It's been re-updated so it's very new and fresh. ;-)
    OK. Thanks! You could just type it out as I could figure it out. I am curious about the forum:)
    Odd fact I just found out: Bill DeMott lives in the same small town as I do just outside Atlanta.
    I never rode on a short bus (nor a bus), but I am a former special education student and grew up with families who had the same background and could have also used the short bus. The description somewhat fit a large chunk of my identity, so I run with it. And thank you.
    Thought it might be something like that. I have an idea. How about if I start an "Avatar drive" for you in the basement? Get people to offer suggestions, then, if you like one, I'll totally walk you through putting it on your profile. What do you think?
    Sometimes obvious things are the easiest things to overlook. :) Hey, how come you don't have/use an avatar?
    Thanks. I am here but someone hacked me and it was while I was here so am a bit paranoid being here. Not saying it was someone here did it but it happened while I was here.lol
    Heya, Kali, where have you been? Don't make us worry about you. Hope you're not down with the flu again... :(
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