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  • I saw you liked the band Evanescence; so do I. Looks like you've got a good taste in music. Do you like Breaking Benjamin?
    merry christmas eva
    I like it. Whoever did that video did a pretty cool job, too. Normally the lyric videos are pretty lame, and just pasting the lyrics over the top of ocean scenes and stuff. I actually didn't buy the new album, because I didn't care too much for the direction she took with it. I liked her older stuff. I still like her older stuff and still listen to her CDs in the car from time to time. But this one is pretty cool, and kind of a departure from the new album, and like her older songs.
    People just fail to realize that Lokiate is not an actual person, he's a character. Each thread is just another stage.
    I'm easily hated. People here don't understand that when I debate, I'm playing a game, and not always expressing my personal views on the topic.
    He's a villain from Casino Royale. I figure since so many people here hate me, I may as well play the part, lol.
    I made a mistake, I had to correct it.... and I wasn't going to duck out on admitting that it was me that did it either. I don't have a lot in this life but at least I can be honest.

    Thanks, btw. :)
    Your post (755) in the Random Thoughts thread hit the nail on the head, imo.
    The move is not so bad we have to touch nothing. It's all going to be crated and shipped here. We should have it all here by June 1. I hope so. Hugzzzz
    Thank you. It is a good week. We are in the midst of moving so will not be on much. When I saw your note I had to respond. That was so sweet. I hope you have a glorious week as well. Hugzzzz
    Hey, thanks for friending me. If there's anything you want to talk about lemme know. :happy:
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