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Scan done. As expected.the

Ling cancer is a terrible cancer. Of all the ones we might contract, lung cancer is pretty close to the worst. Nasty.

i had my scan yesterday. For some reason, the Radiologist's office didn't have me on the books for the 9:30 Friday I knew I had to discuss it. So they called. Well... As long as they called, what's the deal?

The nuse said, uncomfortably, "Well, you have to come in anyway. The doc may not call you back," when I asked that he do so.

I KNEW I judged him right. He called me after hours. I didn't get lucky. The cancer has metastasized to my liver. Yikes! But being the pessimistic optimist that I am, that's no surprise. ;)

Now to tell Tom.

This is a terminal diagnosis. I feel great! What's THAT about? Doc appointments to discuss qualility of life issues. Chemo again ONLY because the doc says it will improve my quality of life.

this will be an interesting journey. Perhaps this blog will travel with me a while...
Wish I could edit the mistakes out of this. Sorry.
Oh Jesus, my heart goes out to you Maggie.

I hope this turn brings you and your partner closer together than ever to ease you through this journey.
You're amazing Mags.
God's peace to you, Maggie.
I'm so sorry, Mags. :(

My whole heart goes out to you.
Oh, Maggie. I'm so very, very sorry. You've been in my thoughts a lot the past couple of months. *hugs*
My short time reading your posts has renewed my faith in my fellow man. You have a kind and gentle spirit. May God be with you, and may He shine His light down upon you forever. Miracles happen. Please be our miracle.
Mags, thank you for sharing the news with us. I do think about you and wonder how you are doing. Positive thoughts to you and to Tom. May you be well. May you have peace.


I lost my mom to cancer.

You are doing this much better than she did.

Make sure you get your support ready, and right size it for you, don't take bullying.

Good luck on your travels, it is so cool that you look it that way, I think that is the smart way.
Maggie, no just no. I will keep you in my prayers and thoughts. Damn!
So sorry to hear this Maggie. My thoughts and prayers for you and yours.
So sorry to hear this, Maggie. Stay strong and enjoy every minute of every day. Be hopeful because you never know when good news just happens.
All the most positive thoughts go out to you Maggie. If I had three wishes today - you would get one of them.

You will make it.
God bless you Maggie - Since my time here on DP, I've always considered you the exception to the rule, so why the hell not be the exception to the rule when it comes to slaying cancer. Give it hell Maggie!!!
Maggie, I'm so sorry that you have this illness. I have a friend my age who was diagnosed suddenly with Stage IV lung cancer over a year ago. They gave him a year at best. He just left for another motorcycle trip out mid-west to Sturgis. He had some chemo early on, but only once a heavy dose I think; otherwise just to slow it down. Apparently he's defying their prognosis.

So keep your chin up because there's always hope. My love to you.
Quazimodo;bt3578 said:
My short time reading your posts has renewed my faith in my fellow man. You have a kind and gentle spirit. May God be with you, and may He shine His light down upon you forever. Miracles happen. Please be our miracle.

Thats beautiful, Quazi. Thank you.
I'm so moved. Thank you all. Your support and encouragement means the world to me. You are ALL my friends.

It was hard telling Tom. He is broken hearted. We've had fifteen years...he deserves someone to grow old with. I just know he will find someone else. He's going to the doc with me tomorrow as is my sweet cousin Sue who's my healthcare and financial POA.

I still feel blessed. I had a firm diagnosis in January. Really knew in December. Haven't had one sick day even thru chemo and radiation. It's let me get all my affairs in order, as they say. Very comforting. And been having a great time. Looking forward to more.

Oh Lord, Maggie, I'm so sorry.
Believe me when I tell you I'm typing this through tears.
You're one of the best.
Maggie, this is awful news. I can't, therefore, "like" this blog entry.

Here's what I do like.

I like the grace with which you are handling this news.
I like that you had 15 years with someone you love.
I like that you want Tom to find someone else and be happy.
I like that you still feel blessed.
I like that you weren't sick through chemo and radiation.
I like that you have been having a great time.
I like that you will continue to blog throughout the rest of this very sad journey because I think all of us will be the better for it.
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I am sorry to hear your news, I am encouraged by your strength and dignity.
I hope when our own time comes, we can each be as courageous.
I hope you get as much enjoyment as humanly possible, out of your remaining time.
God Bless!
I'm so sorry, Maggie. :(

I'm not a religious man Maggie but I will be thinking about you and hope that you are able to keep facing this battle with the same courage you have displayed on here and that you keep your head up! As we say over here" keep calm and carry on" !
Oh god Mags. I'm sooo sorry to hear this. My closest friend died on the 6th this month. From the sounds of it you two had/have the exact same type of cancer. Lung cancer metastasized to the liver. Small Cell Lung cancer. Reading your post has made the tears start rolling all over again. What ever you do, do every little thing you can with your loved ones. Every moment of every day.

God, i can't even finish what i want to say.
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