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MSNBC doesn’t need a laugh track (1 Viewer)

This is beyond comedy and has hit a new level of absurdity.

Yes, just imagine if something like that were to happen …

The bubble is real mate.
This is beyond comedy and has hit a new level of absurdity.

Yes, just imagine if something like that were to happen …

Hilarious....why is it they always accuse others of the very things they are doing?....amazing. Musk is going to make sure Twitter does not ascribe, permit, or engage in suppression for political purposes.
Many people watch MSNBC because it is their comfort blanket.

They hear what they want to hear.

The New York Times was the best example of that during the Trump years.

Hear tell, that rag is making a decision to return to the middle.

Yeah! Just imagine if Twitter allows freedom of speech. Oh, the horror!
The real absurdity with this Twitter and Musk fiasco is how quickly everyone abandons free market principles (as well as several other principles) when it no longer suits them.

Musk has every right to buy Twitter, Twitter has every right to organize the sale. Assuming all goes through including privatizing Twitter, Musk has every right to change terms and conditions inviting back whoever the hell he wants to. Those previously kicked off the platform may or may not come back, that is up to them.

However, you have every right to stay or leave the platform no matter what Twitter and/or Musk does.

Given the lackluster successes of Truth Social and GETTR the risk for Musk is going too far with the idea and turning Twitter into the next arguably conservative leaning social media failure. Free market principles still apply, assuming there is demand for an alternative to Twitter someone will step forward and fulfill that demand assuming enough leave.

Why are these things so difficult for so many to grasp?

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