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Guy Fieri: King of Lame? (1 Viewer)

The Giant Noodle

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Mar 22, 2010
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This from TIME:


The self-dubbed "rock-and-roll chef" is more the king of lame than the king of rock. Honestly picking on Fieri's appearance is too easy (the bleach-blond hair, the loud shirts, and the biker sunglasses are more suited to an awkward, out-of-touch uncle desperately clinging to a vestige of youth that exists in his mind and his mind alone). But the goatee? It's the final peppering of tremendo-lame on this overdone disaster.

Read more: Guy Fieri - Top 10 Worst Celebrity*Goatees - TIME NewsFeed
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I hate him and all his shows. I wish they would just take him off Food Network and show something like the original Iron Chef.
I hate him and all his shows. I wish they would just take him off Food Network and show something like the original Iron Chef.

I will say this... the fella can cook his ass off. I love what he cooks! Sushi and BBQ!!! Those are my 2 favs. Plus he is friendly. BUUUUT.... his personna IS a douche-bag. He needs to remove the sun glasses. The hair needs to be taken down a notch. He needs to stop saying crap like "thats money" and "bad boy". I think some intelligent 'talk' would help too.
No one is perfect. I can make fun of quite a few people on Food Network. I HATE Rachael Ray. HATE HER!!! :2mad: Another horrible personality is Sandra Lee. Her food is crap. And she is a female douche bag.
Hey now. I have a crush on Guy.
It would infringe the privacy of others to explain why I hate Mr. Fieri soooo much. He's a douche.
I like his shows. Would Diners, Drive-ins and Dives be the same if it had Bobby Flay,Diners, Diners, Aaron McCargo Jr., Paula Dean, Alton Brown or some other food network star?
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I like his food too. I just don't like his personality.
Food network needs to die a horrid wretched death, it has as much to do with cuisine and food as MTV has to do with music videos these days. If you notice all these shows from diners, drive ins, to best thing I ever ate, to whatever other bs shows they put on, it's either thier friends they tout or other "stars" on the lame ass network.

And what did poor mr. Flay do to piss off the managment that he has to put his culinary skill up to every backwoods meth lab running trailor billy with a grill.... and lose..... :lol:
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Apropos of nothing, I have a food bank alt on WoW who I named Bobbyfillet.
I love him and enjoy him very much on Food Network:)
I cant stand the guy. He's loud, he's annoying, he repeats himself constantly, he isn't funny.

He looks like he wanted to go for a stereotype but couldn't decide what kind of stereotype he wanted to dress like so he just said **** it and smashed together irritating surfer dude with redneck and called it a day.

Who the **** has a NASCAR fridge? I mean who ****ing does that?

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