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  • james, just wanted to say that although we almost never agree, i have never doubted your honesty or integrity. keep it up!
    You're a damned good poster bro, even if we don't agree all the time, you were a good poster on WS and yah still are one.

    Cheers man.
    ***** Thanking You for your support on the Gay Marriage threads. I'm used to being pounded from other forums but the lineup here is even more tilted.

    BTW - I'd say Capt.Courtesy is Gay (??)

    P.Conlon aka Zinc Route
    I was one of the 26 plus people who voted "Beyond absurd! Comparisons to Hitler, insane mass murderer of millions is so overused!!!" on the Sara Palin poll. I believe conservatives making comparisons of Obama to Hussein only discredits conservative and libs making such comparisons of Palin to Hitler only discredits libs. Libs doing something idiotic or despicable is no excuse for conservatives to do the same. As conservatives we should show libs that we are above that nonsense. When libs were running screaming this war is for oil or some other nonsense. It made those libs look like sore losers who who were so desperate that they come up with conspiracy theories. We as conservatives should avoid treading down that same path by not jumping on the Obama is a closet muslim band wagon or Obama is not a natural born citizen bandwagon. Because the only thing that stuff does is make any real issues with him seem like tin foil hat wearing conspiracies made by sore losers.
    The leftys attack Sarah Palin as a Nazi I compare Hussein Obama to Saddam Hussein... I thought you might be with me on that one.

    Navy Pride
    A lot of your polls I agree with you,some I sort of agree with and some polls I do not agree with you on. It doesn't make a lib.
    Just curious my friend, I always thought you were a strong Conservative...Are you changing to a Liberal.....Seems by your responding to polls you might be...I hope I am wrong because we need you in the good fight against the whacky left.....

    Navy Pride
    Oh. I was hoping Whistlestopper stayed down for good. They banned me twice, already. I still like to lurk but can't do that now. I see we got a lot of WS'ers over here, now. This place is better than Whistlestopper, any day.
    I think Colesgazette might be down for good although you might ask Missouri Mule if he knows more about it. I think someone at whistlestopper probably forgot to pay their bills again, this seems to be the usual for them.
    Hey James. I see Colesgazette died. Don't tell me Coles took down Whistlestopper, too in its dying throes?
    Whats up James!I see you have fled the socialist paradise known as Whistlestopper.
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