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Drinks that help you relax

Aunt Spiker

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Oct 20, 2009
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Green Tea
Herbal Teas (infused or not-infused with honey)
Warm Milk
These are well known classics. . .what about other things?

But I read about Oat Straw, today - anyone ever had some, have thoughts on it?

What about 'Blue Cow' 'Slow your Roll' and other mixed beverages?

Not talking alcohol, either, I pretty much know what's effective in that department . . . marduc :p
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Gin and tonic.

Otherwise, when peeps come over...I make a splash....

Cooler filled with ice....Watermelon from my own garden I splice up good myself...you Cajuns know what I mean...

Then pour the whole bottle of 150 Rum.

Mix good.

Beverage of the Gods....just ask dem Zydecos.
oops I may have created a monster despite your edit to clarify that you were not talking alcohol Aunt Spiker.. :doh

I think I am not at fault though and that you would have had the same response without my priming the pump. Alcohol is what immediately comes to mind for the bulk of people when equating beverages and relaxation, guess we are all old fashioned like that <shrug>.

I cannot volunteer any other advice other than ambiguous hearsay that chamomile tea is supposedly good, which I think is not any kinda profound revelation for you.
Lately, I've taken to drinking a glass of kahlua and milk on those days when I really need help relaxing. It's nice, effective, cheap, and tasty.
Coffee, paradoxically enough.
I was a little bit ADHD when I was younger, and learned at a very young age the benefits of coffee in helping me relax and focus.
I can drink a pot of coffee and then lay down and peacefully drift off to sleep.
I don't drink it often, though. Maybe once a week, on average. I just don't like it all that much.
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It's ok, Marduc.

I've found that not a lot of people drink the relaxation drinks, anyway - other than teas. They're just not that common.

Coffee relaxes me, too, and it doesn't keep me awake, either. I always thought that was odd but apparently it's somewhat normal.

I think I'll get some mini-chill. It's a 2oz shot relaxation drink that doesn't have melatonin in it and it's suppose to be effective.
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